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Xusheng(Compass) can provide a variety of stainless steel products,such as sanitary valves, pumps, pipe fittings, manhole covers, filter,  tanks, union, tube and so on. They are widely used in food, beverage, brewing, pharmacy, biological industry, oil refinery, cosmetic, chemical industries, ect. All products can be made according to different materials and industrial standard, such as SMS, DIN, 3A, ISO, RJT, BS, DS, BPE. All technical aspects have reached the international leading level and in conformance with GMP requirements. 

Sanitary Valves

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Butterfly Valve, Flow Division Valve, Ball Valve, Sampling Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Check Valve, Safety Valve, Angle Seat Valve,Exhaust Valve, ect.

Ball Valves

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Full Port 3-piece Ball Valve, Straight Ball Valve, No Detention Valve, 3-way Ball Valve, Butterfly-type Ball Valve,Manual Ball Valve, Actuated Ball Valve, Electric Ball Valve, ect.

Sanitary Pumps

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Centrifugal Pump, Lobe Pump, CIP Self-priming Pump, Mixer Pump, Vacuum Pump, Emulsifier, ect.

Sanitary Manhole Covers

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Outward Round Pressure Manhole, Pressure Manhole with Sight Glass, Non-pressure Manhole, Inward Elliptical Manhole, Rectangular Manhole ect.

Spray Ball

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Sanitary Spray Ball(Static type, Rotary type), Sanitary Filter(Straight type, Angle type, Y type), Sanitary Sight Glass(Inline type, Flange type, Union type), ect.

Sanitary Accessories Fittings

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SMS Union, DIN Union, Clamp Ferrule Sets, Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Pipe Holder, End Solid Cap, and other Pipe Fittings.


       Founded in 2011,Xusheng Valves(Compass Valves), as a global sanitary valves manufacturer, has grown to become one of leading valves manufacturers for high precision stainless steel sanitary valves, pipe fittings, pumps and tanks.Xusheng Valves(Compass Valves) is still developing and innovating new products to ensure that the products are more energy-efficient, and competitive, more high quality.We persist in the principle of "Quality First,Customer Satisfaction" and will create more excellent liquid fittings to meet customers'requirement by full passion and first-class service.Moreover,we can also design according to your drawing and samples. We believe that sincere service and good quality will let you cooperate with us and achieve mutual benefits,We welcome worldwide friends to give us more supports and suggestions!!

Wenzhou Xusheng Machinery

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Xusheng can provide a variety of products, such as sample valve, divert valve, mixproof valve, pressure relief valve, manual and pneumatic butterfly valve, check valve, diaphragm valve, ball valve, pipe fitting, manhole cover, pump, tube/pipe and other related products. All Xusheng products can be made according to different materials and industrials standard, such as SMS, DIN.3A, ISO, RJT, IDF, BS, DS and BPE. Our products are widely applied to dairy, food, beer, beverage, wchemical indsutry of equipment, and cosmetic industries. 

Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

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Sanitary Centrifugal Pump, Its sanitary and cost-efficient design makes it perfect for the dairies, beverages, food-processing, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries. Then the open impeller and close impeller manufactured with stainless steel investment casting. Moreover can be adjustable stainless steel legs, and pump designed according to 3A sanitary standards. The motors option has Siemens motor and ABB motor to meet most of your needs. Once we understand your needs, we can configure it for you.

Butterfly Valves Application

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XuSheng butterfly valves can be used with any kinds of connection (Clamp, welding, thread, flange,etc..), The Max Pressure is 10 bar, Min pressure is 0.2bar. We have plastic handle and multi-position stainless steel handle, Moreover The butterfly plate and valve body forged in both 304 or 316L stainless steel. Meanwhile, we also have pneumatic actuators and electric actuators.Our butterfly valves is widely applied to food-processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 


    Our products are widely applied to dairy,food,beer,beverage,wchemical indsutry of equipment,and cosmetic industries.
  • Cosmetics & Shampoo
    Cosmetics & Shampoo
  • Milk-Dairy
  • Beer industry
    Beer industry
  • Pharma&Biotech


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