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Sanitary Pumps
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Sanitary Pumps

Xusheng and Compass produces Sanitary Centrifugal Pump, Lobe Pump, CIP Self-priming Pump, Mixer Blending Pump, Vacuum Pump, Emulsifier, Magnetic Pump, Screw Pump, Sine Pump, ect. 

Our pumps are widely used for milk, juice, beer, tomato ketchup,yogurt, fresh butter, ice cream, cheese, whey,beer, wort, yeast, soft drink, fruit Jelly, fruit drink, ketchup, fruit,puree, vegetable mash, pudding, fruit jam, jelly, flavor, fruit, stuffing, sweet, yeast, seasoning, bread, meat gruel, comminuted,meat, meat oil, edible oil, candy, syrup, thin cream dressing, chocolate, yogurt, ect. 

We often can supply different motor power from 0.55kw to 30kw. 

Capacity is from 1000lilters per hour to 100000 lilters per hour 

Meanwhile, motor brand have ABB , Siemens, Dongba.

Volatge has 380v, 220v, 440v, 230v, ect.

Hertz: 50hz( 2900rpm), 60hz( 3500rpm)

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