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Sanitary Sampling Valve
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Sanitary Sampling Valve

Xusheng(Sanicompass)'s Sanitary sampling valves used for sampling from tanks or piping systems under aseptic conditions, and require sterilization before and after each sampling. No dead ends, complete sterilization, continuous and sterile sampling can be performed at any time. So widely used in food, wine, beverage, dairy products, toothpaste cosmetics, biopharmaceutical and other industries.

Our valve is used to obtain media samples in pipelines or equipment. In many occasions where chemical analysis of media samples is often required, special sanitary sampling valves are often used. The sampling valve consists of three parts, the valve body, valve head and sealing ring. The rubber sealing ring is placed on the valve stem to make it telescopic. The valve body and valve head can be replaced with each other. 

Xusheng(Sanicompass)'s Sanitary sampling valves has the following characteristics: After rigorous strength and sealing tests, to ensure quality, The valve body adopts detachable connection, simple structure and convenient cleaning, Made with high-quality SS304 and 316L.

The Max pressure of Xusheng's sampling valve is 10BAR, and Working temperature: -10℃/+120℃.

Xusheng(Sanicompass) can produce sanitary sampling valves as per customers’ design drawing and requirement.

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