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Sanitary Diaphragm Valves
Professional Sanitary Diaphragm Valves



Xusheng & Compass are professional manufactory to produce sanitary diaphragm valves.


Our sanitary diaphragm valves is widely application in fluid control system of fluid-related industries like pharmacy, biology, diary product, drink, chemical engineering, cosmetics, food and electronics etc. Its advantages include no dead angle, no leakage, easy cleaning,, low maintenance cost and convenient operation etc. Automatic control and manual control can be realized, which can reduce operating costs enterprise. Discharge is clean in time of 35 degree installation. There is no risk of leakage inside the valve. It has high resistance to corrosion. Highly viscous materials can easily pass valve and butterfly valve with high requirement for cleanness.


Features Of Sanitary Diaphragm Valves
Operating Principle: Manual, Pneumatic and Automatic Control Head
Standard: SMS, DIN, 3A
Material: Only supply Stainless Steel SS316L
Size: DN6 to DN125, 1/4” to 5”
Connection: Welding, Clamping, Threading, Flange
Type of Diaphragm Valve: Straight, L Type, T Type, U Type, Multichannel Type, Aseptic Bottom Type
Processing Mode: Casting and Forging
Designed lifetime: >300000 times / 25℃
Advantage: No ded angle, no leakage, easy cleaning, low maintenance, convenient operation etc

1.Automatic control and manual control can be realized.
2.Discharge is clean in time of 35 degree installation.
3.It is no risk of leakage inside of valve.
4.HIgh viscosity material can be easy pass through diaphrgam valve.
Our sanitary diaphragm valves is widely application in fluid control system of fluid-related industries like pharmacy, biology, diary product,
drink, chemical engineering, cosmetics, food and electronics etc.
Material of Diaphragm: EPDM, EPDM+PTFE . It is accordance with FDA21CFR177.2600
Working Temperaure: -120℃ to + 150℃, -184℉ to 302℉
Working Pressure: 8 Bar
Sanitary Diaphragm Valve'S Applications & Feedback From Customer

We have one of customers from SLOVAKIA, who specializes in Pharmaceutical application and installation. We have been cooperating with each other for three years until now. They pucrhased pneumatic diaphragm valve, manual diaphragm valve, ball valve, clamp sets, reducer, tee, elbow and so on. Our diaphragm valves are used SS316L stainless steel and high quality of EPDM+PTFE diaphragm, and internal surface finished Ra≤0.4um. They make diaphragm valve purity and safey. It is advantage with no dead angle, no leakage,easy cleaning, low maintenance cost and convenient operation ect.


Here are actual photos of items for your referance. Hope it can help you to learn our products and our company.


What Can I Do For You


For finished products
For valves, pressure testing and temperature testing is required for each valve.
After we get the finished products, we check for surface roughness, thickness equality, roundness, size measurement and sand holes again.
For all finished products, the checking quantity is not less than 10% of total quantity.
Before shipment, we check for the quantity of each product in order to find out any missing quantity or wrong product.
Finally, we use strong package to prevent the products from any damages.

Main Goals

We persist in the principle of "Quality First,Customer Satisfaction", our main goal provide you with high quality and to be the most responsive supplier to your requirements. Through integration of automation and innovation, we strive to increase our competitiveness to ultimately lower your costs. It is our every day goal to gain our customer’s loyalty through a positive relationship and excellent service.


Founded in 2011,Xusheng Valves(Compass Valves), as a global sanitary valves manufacturer,has grown to become one of leading valves manufacturers for high precision stainless steel sanitary valves, pipe fittings,pumps and tanks.
Totally 112nos of workers and the factory Covers 4035m2,our warehouse covers 1000m2. We have 29 sets of LG Mazak machines and other CNC machine from Japan ; Meanwhile,we have 2 sets of automatic machining unit.
Xusheng Valves(Compass Valves) is still developing and innovating new products to ensure that the products are more energy-efficient, efficient and competitive.


In practice, our responsibility to customers is shown with quality and durable products, as well as an assurance that all Compass products are manufactured according to good business principles. Locally, responsible activity means that we are a reliable employer and we actively support the development of the region. Above all, we want to promote the use of district energy and thus support more environmentally friendly energy production.
FAQ List---Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

Hot Products
The is mainly composed of a pump body, a pump base, and a motor part. Each part is connected by a bolt. The supporting feet of the base can be freely adjusted to facilitate installation without a fixed mounting base. The outlet pipe can be installed vertically or horizontally according to different needs. It adopts a smooth transition, rigid structure and thick-walled design. The parts including the pump body, pump cover, impeller part and the part in contact with the material are all made of stainless steel (AISI316 or AISI304). Mechanical shaft seals are made of high quality stainless steel and silicon carbide. Greatly improved wear resistance and moisturization, extending the useful life.
It is applied in large stainless steel tanks and vessels, for such application requires the pathways to the inner parts of the tanks or vessels could be locked up Widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, water treatment, daily chemical, petroleum and chemical industries.
Aseptic Sampling Valve are measured and designed for sampling medium viscosity products with about 0-1,000cP in viscosity and with particles up to 3mm in diameter. Such as Unprocessed Milk, Medical solutions, Filtered and unfiltered beer, Perfume, Creams and lotions, and much more. it can supple the valve specifition to customer: first one use to treatment low viscosity materials. such as water,beer,wine,fluid mike and so on; secone one use to trea high viscosity materials, such as nutlet yoghout, syrup,ice cream and so on
Xusheng(Sanicompass) 's Sanitary Mixproof Valves including of FH01 Series Mix-Proof Valve Characteristics and FH02 Series Double Seals Mix-Proof Valve Characteristics, which is widely used in food, beer, milk, dairy, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical industrial. Sanitary Mix-Proof Valves from stainless steel SS304 and SS316L. The available sizes includes of 1/2"- 4", DN15-DN100. Standard have SMS,DIN,3A,ISO,RJT and so on. Meanwhile, Sanitary Mix-Proof Valves' connection have different types, such as weld, clamp, thread, ect. Xusheng( Sanicompass) can produce hygienic mix-proof Valves as per customers' design drawing and requirement.
Filter series is a kind of sanitary filter, mainly used for flitering liquid with solid particles, protect the pump, instruments and other devices to work properly. Because of its reasonable structured, filtration and seal abolity strong, pressure loss of small and easy maintenance and other characteristics, widely used in wine,beverage,pharmaceutical etc.
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