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 Quality Control  

Manufacturing Process

Xusheng Valves strict material selection, precision machining,each process layer strictly, semi-finished products in the process through the initial inspection before flowing into the next process, attention to detail and cast quality perfect Xusheng Valves.


For valves, pressure testing and temperature testing is required for each valve.
After we get the finished products, we check for surface roughness, thickness equality, roundness, size measurement and sand holes again.
For all finished products, the checking quantity is not less than 10% of total quantity.
Before shipment, we check for the quantity of each product in order to find out any missing quantity or wrong product. 
Finally, we use strong package to prevent the products from any damages.

Standard Management

IQC: The acceptance inspection of raw material into factory production in accordance with the standard,forbid the unqualified raw materials into  warehouse.
IPQC: According to the process parameter,operation,use the check list of tour inspection on the production, forbid the unqualified products into next process.
FQC: According to the standard,were designated inspection products,
semi-finished products in the production  process, to take timely corrective measures to correct the unqualified production.
OQC: According to products standard of finished products storage before inspection,do not let the unqualified products to enter the warehouse.
QE:To establish the quality plan,formulate the inspection specification,inspection tools,process analysis,design test,improve processing quality.


XuSheng Machinery Industry Co.,ltd 
main products include valves, pumps, pipe fittings, and tanks. Widely used for milk, beer, biological, chemical, pharmacy. 

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