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Our sanitary-grade valve interior finish, no residue can hide inside, no bacteria breeding and other advantages to high viscosity products, such as shampoo to provide a good environment, thereby improving the safety of products. At the same time, it can also be used in cosmetics, toothpaste and other products. So our sanitary valve is widely used in our life products, it can ensure our health and safety. For the vast number of users in the purchase of health-grade valves, must find professional qualified manufacturers of health valves, not greedy for small cheap to buy fake and inferior products, here remind everyone to buy carefully.


milk dairy
The viscosity range of sanitary-grade valves is very large, the use of environmental PH value 1~14, suitable for fresh milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, color milk, juice, tea drinks, wine, ice cream, soy milk, milk drinks, longevity milk, jam, soy sauce products and other products sterile production, after the UHT sterilization system treatment of products in aseptic packaging, its quality or freshness can be maintained at room temperature for 3~6 months (without any preservatives added), free from refrigeration. It keeps purity and fresh for our sanitary valves.
Beer Industry
Beer Industry
Sanitary valves play an important role in the beer industry. such as sanitary safety valve, which plays a safety protection role in the system. When the system pressure exceeds the specified value, sanitary safety valve is opened, and a part of the gas / fluid in the system is discharged outside the atmosphere / pipeline, so that the system pressure does not exceed the allowable value, thus ensuring that the system does not have an accident due to excessive pressure. Applicable to the recovery and exhaust of CO2 gas in fermenter and maintain stable pressure in tank. Therefore, the health-grade safety valve plays a key role in the quality and taste of beer.

sanitary valve body are all stainless steel, all contact parts with the medium for mirror polishing, polishing roughness to meet the sanitary standard, meet the sanitary standard of valve assembly. Sanitary valves have special rules and requirements for sealing materials, seat sealing surface must use non-toxic material.
Mechanical seal requirements for sanitary valves
1. Meets GMP requirements
2. Surface finish above 1.6um
3. Contact surfaces can be cleaned in situ and disinfected in situ
4. Too smooth, no material, no residue
5. Has a structure outside the sealing surface to prevent stringing.

Xusheng Sanitary valves has high standard of manufacturing which it has special high requirement for inner smooth finished. Sanitary valve and medium contacted part mostly use stainless steel. The material includes of SS304 or SS316L stainless steel. non-toxic and harmless, clean and smooth surface will not lead to corrosion and shedding materials. After processing and special treatment, industrial valves can not be compared with sanitary valves, such as cleanliness, easy installation.
All sanitary valves must be sterilized to meet certain sanitary requirements. Because of Industrial valve can not removed many of the toxic ingredients (such as lead), which will make us poisoning, cancer, and even death. For the vast number of users in the purchase of sanitary valves, we must find professional qualified manufacturers, not greedy for small cheap to buy fake and inferior products, here remind everyone to buy carefully.Achieving the best results and guaranteeing safe food processing necessitates utilizing the best products available on the market.​​​​​​​
Xusheng sanitary valves can meet the special requirements of various media in pharmaceutical, biological and other fields. Some valves are smooth, seamless, automatic empty-handed process fluid passage, but also suitable for local cleaning needs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, diaphragm valve is popular. However, it is important to note that the valve's self-handling function should be taken into account during the installation of the diaphragm valve to ensure a certain valve installation angle.
3-piece ball valve is also common valve in the pharmaceutical industry. Although the cost and pressure are larger than the normal, but the inner body of valve is purity.
No detention ball valve is also suitable for pharmaceutical industry. No detention ball valve is non dead angle,inner smooth,no residue to hide inside. It does not need each discharge, no bacteria breedingg. Its advantages make it indispensable equipment in the pharmaceutical industry

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