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ZB3A-200 22KW Stainless Steel Hygienic Sanitary Single-lobe Pump
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ZB3A-200 22KW Stainless Steel Hygienic Sanitary Single-lobe Pump

Rotary pump, also known as colloidal pump, cam pump, clover pump, universal pump and so on. Rotor pump belongs to volumetric pump; it is to achieve the purpose of conveying liquid by means of the periodic transformation of a plurality of fixed conveying units in the working chamber. The mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly converted into the pressure energy of conveying liquid by the pump; (Theoretically) has nothing to do with the discharge pressure; the rotor pump in the course of work is actually through a pair of synchronous rotation of the rotor to achieve the purpose of conveying the material.
  • XS-LP024
  • 30000020014

Description of Commodity: ZB3A-200 22KW Stainless Steel Hygienic Sanitary Single-lobe Pump

Product Description

Specification 300L/H-43000L/H,0.55KW-22KW
Material SS304,SS316L
Standard DIN, SMS



Connection Clamp,Union,Flange
Motor ABB,Sienmens
Inlet/Outlet 32-80MM

Main Parameter for Sanitary Lobe Pump


Food Industry:Yogurt, Fresh Butter, Ice Cream, Cheese, Whey,Beer,Wort,Yeast, Soft Drink, Fruit Jelly,Fruit Frink,Ketchup,Fruit Puree,Vegetable Mash,Pudding,Fruit Jam,Jelly,Flavor,Fruit Stuffing, Sweet,Yeast, Seasoning,Bread,MeatGruel,Comminuted Meat,Meat Oil,Edible Oil,Candy,Syrup,Thin Cream Dressing,Chocolate,Etc

Operating  principles

Rotor Pumpis also named rotary lobe pump, three-lobe pump, sole pump,etc. when the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors(with 2-4 gears)revolve,it produces suction force at the inlet(vacuum),which intakes the material delivered. the 2 rotors divide the rotor housing into many smaller parts and revo-Ive in the sequence of a→b→c→d.When it revolves to position a ,only housing I is filled with medium, when it revolces to position c. housing A encloses medium,and finally it goes to position d,then housing A ,B and II are interlinked and the medium is transported o the putlet,As this process is repeated, medium(material) istranspor-ted continuously

Design and features

As the rotary lobe pump works, the spaces between the lobes and the casing are successively filled with fluid, which is transported to the discharge nozzle with a fixed amount of displacement. The pumped fluid forms a continuous stream thanks to the tolerances between the lobes and the pump casing, Thus ensuring an efficient pumping.

Product Details

Sanitary Hygienic Stainless Steel Lobe Pump

Food Grade Sanitary Stainless Steel Lobe Pump

Sanitary 304 Stainless Steel Rotor Lobe Pump

Working Principle

This cam lobe pump is a multi-purpose transfer pump which adopts two-lobe, tri-lobe, butterfly or multi-lobe rotor. As a sanitary volumetric delivery pump, it has the characteristics of low speed, high output torque, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Its unique working principle and characteristics are embodied in conveying high viscosity, high temperature, and highly corrosive materials. Its conveying process is smooth and continuous, and it can ensure that the physical properties of the materials are not broken during the conveying process, and the viscosity of the conveyable materials can be up to 1,000,000 CP.

Sanitary Stainless Steel Rotor Lobe Pump

The rotor pump has two synchronously reversed rotors (2-4 teeth).When they rotate, there is suction (vacuum) generated at the inlet to suck in the material to be transported. The two rotors divide the rotor chamber into several small pieces. In the space, they operate in the order a→b→c→d.When operating to position a, only chamber I is filled with media;At location b, part of the medium is enclosed in room B;At position c, the medium is also enclosed in chamber A;At position d, Room B and Room A communicates with Chamber II, and the media is conveyed to the discharge port.In this way, the medium (material) is continuously sent out

Product Show

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