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Sanitary Air Relief Valve
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Sanitary Air Relief Valve

Xusheng(Sanicompass)'s Sanitary air relief valves adjusts a specific pressure by adjusting the spring. The calibration pressure is the pressure value to avoid equipment damage. Under normal operating pressure, the valve is closed; when the system pressure exceeds the calibration pressure, the valve closes; when the system pressure exceeds the calibration pressure, the valve opens. The pressure in the pipeline system is released, so as to achieve the protection of pipelines and equipment.

And our valve uses low-density PPR and composite materials. This material will not be deformed even if it is immersed in high-temperature water for a long time. It will not cause difficulty in buoy movement. The buoy is made of hard plastic, and the connection between the lever and the buoy and the support is all movable, so it will not produce rust during long-term operation, causing the system to fail to work and water leakage. At the same time, The sealing end part of the lever is supported by a spring, which can be expanded and contracted with the movement of the lever to ensure the sealing without exhaust. The above reasons make them applicable fluid control systems in pharmaceutical, biological, dairy, beverage, chemical, cosmetics, food, electronics and other fluid related industries.

Xusheng(Sanicompass) can produce sanitary air relief valves as per customers' design drawing and requirement.

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