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  • Stainless Steel Male Threaded Floating Float Ball Valve for Water Tank
    Float ball valve is a valve composed of curved arms and floating balls, which can be used to automatically control the liquid level of a water tower or pool.

    Float ball valve is a ball without a supporting shaft, which is held in a "floating" state by two valve seats. It is mainly used for cutting, distributing, and changing the direction of medium flow in pipelines. Floating ball valves mainly have structural features such as valve seat sealing design, reliable reverse sealing valve stem, fire and static electricity prevention function, automatic pressure relief and locking device.
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel SS316L Two Pass Double Tube Tubular Shell Plate Heat Exchanger
    Sanitary tube heat exchanger,designed for high cleanliness requirements, meets the high cleanliness requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, usually used in injection water point cooling, modular integration, process cooling or heating, etc. Sanitary tube plate heat exchanger refers to a tube and shell heat exchanger where the tube sheets at both ends of the tube bundle are fixedly connected to the shell by welding. After welding the tube plate and shell, it can also be used as a flange and connected to the pipe box flange with bolts.
  • Stainless Steel Multistage Three Stages Plate Heat Exchanger For Milk Pasteurization
    Plate type heat exchanger is an efficient heat exchanger composed of a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape stacked together. Thin rectangular channels are formed between various plates for heat exchange. Plate heat exchangers are ideal equipment for heat exchange between liquid liquid and liquid vapor. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, compact and lightweight structure, small footprint, wide application, and long service life. Under the same pressure loss, its heat transfer coefficient is 3-5 times higher than that of the tubular heat exchanger, its floor area is one-third of that of the tubular heat exchanger, and its heat recovery rate can be up to 90% or more.
  • Stainless Steel Head Pneumatic Y Type Threaded Angle Seat Valve
    The pneumatic angle seat valve can save space by maintaining the flow rate. It uses a single acting pneumatic actuator with spring safety protection to operate the guide angle seat valve. When using it, it should choose to be normally open or normally closed. It is widely used in automation industry control fluid, foodstuff dairy industry, domestic water, common pipeline fluid medium and so on
  • SS316L Stainless Steel Aseptic Flush Bottom Diaphragm Valves
    Aseptic Flush Bottom Valve is used for the discharge of reaction containers in clean industries such as pharmaceuticals, biology, fine chemicals, and food processing. This valve has the advantages of discharging materials, no residue, no leakage, and good sealing performance. When using an agitator, the bottom material of the container can fully rotate with the water flow when the agitator is opened to evenly mix the material. The valve is installed at a 35 degree angle to provide self-cleaning function for material discharge, making equipment maintenance more convenient in space. The valve is polished with a mirror surface with a roughness of 0.2-0.45 μ m. The use of valves is cleaner.
  • 1/2" Sanitary Balance Pressure Thermostatic Clean Steam Trap
    The COMPASS & XUSHENG make sanitary balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap is designed to remove condensate from clean and pure steam applications with minimal condensate retention. Manufactured in 316L material, the crevice free body design of UCT-10 incorporates a 12-15 degree angled seat to ensure full drain ability.
  • CPM Series CPMO-2 Air Loaded Sanitary Constant Pressure Modulating Valve
    Sanitary CPM Constant Pressure Valve is used for maintain a constant pressure of inlet and outlet.CPMI-2 (constant pressure valve adjusts inlet) maintains constant pressure on the production line at the valve inlet. This type CPMI-2 is used for behind seperators, heat exchangers or relief valves. CPMO-2 (contant pressure valve adjusts outlet) can maintain constant pressure in the pipeline of the production process at the outlet of the valve. This type CPMO-2 is used for front of filling or filling machine. It is widely applied to many fileds,such as beer,beverage,dairy food,fruit juice,pharmacy,biological etc.
  • 1.5inch 120 Degree Sanitary Stainless Steel Rotating Racking Arm Valve for Beer Fermenter Tank
    Sanitary Rotating Racking Arms Valve is an necessary part of any conical fermenter or tanks. Typically found in the bottom cone of a cylindroconical fermentation tank, the racking arm is rotated slowly downward drawing off clear liquid until the fine sediment of yeast beogins to trickle through.It is widely applied to many fileds,such as beer,beverage,dairy food,fruit juice,pharmacy,biological etc.
  • Tramp Metal Liquid Line Tube Style T Trap Magnetic Trap
    Magnetic trap filter in the liquid slurry transport process, the slurry through the filter, by the magnetic effect of the magnetic bar, the iron impurities of slurry are adsorbed on the magnet casing, greatly reducing the iron impurities of the liquid slurry, to ensure that the next process can effectively control the iron impurity content.

    Magnetic trap filter is widely used in pigments, dyes, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, plastics, and other industries, in the liquid slurry transport process to effectively remove magical metal impurities, reduce the iron ions content of the product, improve product quality.

    Magnetic trap filterr with a small size, lightweight, easy installation, and operation advantages.
  • Stainless Steel Sanitary CIP Self Priming Self Sucking Pumps for Water Circulation
    Sanitary Self Primming CIP Pumps is mainly used to deal with the convey of gas-bearing materials.So it is widely used in the occassions that the liquid level is instable,and the liquid level is lower than that of inlet to draw the material,and also used as reture in the CIP systerm.And it is the necessary convey equipment in the food,chemical,pharmacy fields.
  • 2.2KW KSCP-10-24 Sanitary Stainless Steel Beverage Centrifugal Pump
    Sanitary Centrifugl Pump mainly composed of a pump body, a pump base, and a motor part. Each part is connected by a bolt. The supporting feet of the base can be freely adjusted to facilitate installation without a fixed mounting base. The outlet pipe can be installed vertically or horizontally according to different needs.
    Sanitary Centrifugal Pump adopts a smooth transition, rigid structure and thick-walled design. The parts including the pump body, pumpis cover, impeller part and the part in contact with the material are all made of stainless steel (AISI316 or AISI304). Mechanical shaft seals are made of high quality stainless steel and silicon carbide. Greatly improved wear resistance and moisturization, extending the useful life.
  • Sanitary 304 Stainless Steel Rotor Rotary Lobe Pump
    Rotary pump, also known as colloidal pump, cam pump, clover pump, universal pump and so on. Rotor pump belongs to volumetric pump; it is to achieve the purpose of conveying liquid by means of the periodic transformation of a plurality of fixed conveying units in the working chamber. The mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly converted into the pressure energy of conveying liquid by the pump; (Theoretically) has nothing to do with the discharge pressure; the rotor pump in the course of work is actually through a pair of synchronous rotation of the rotor to achieve the purpose of conveying the material.

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