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What is the product description of sanitary sampling valve?
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What is the product description of sanitary sampling valve?

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The hygienic sampling valve is that each part of the valve can be cleaned and there is no hygienic blind spot. After sampling, the valve and associated pipelines should be cleaned strictly in accordance with cleaning instructions. In addition, leak-free double seat valve and valve series systems are often used. Here is some information about sanitary sampling valve, please read the following words.

sanitary sampling valve

How is the sanitary sampling valve constructed?

What are the advantages of sanitary sampling valve?

What is the product description of sanitary sampling valve?

How is the sanitary sampling valve constructed?

The hygienic sampling valve adopts the wedge-like elastic gate structure, and the medium and large diameters are provided with axial bearings that have low frictional force and are equipped with impact handwheels that can be easily opened and closed.

Next follows the working principle of the sanitary sampling valve: the gate valve gate moves in a straight line with the valve stem, which is called the lifting spindle gate valve (also called rising spindle gate valve). Usually there is a trapezoidal thread on the lifting rod. By the nut on the top of the valve and the guide groove on the valve body, the rotary movement is converted into a linear movement, that is, the actuating torque is converted into an actuating thrust force. The sealing surface can be sealed only by the medium pressure, that is, relying on the medium pressure to press the sealing surface of the gate to the valve seat on the other side, to ensure the sealing surface of the sealing surface, which is self-sealing. the valve must be pressed against the valve seat by an external force to ensure the tightness of the sealing surface.

What are the advantages of sanitary sampling valve?

1. The choice of materials for sanitary sampling valve is exquisite, and the overall quality of materials is high.

2. The sanitary sampling valve has reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.

3. The sealing pair of sanitary sampling valve is advanced and reasonable. The sealing surfaces of the gate plate and valve seat are made of stellite-cobalt-based carbide with different hardness. The seal is reliable, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, long service life.

4. The valve stem has good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and wear resistance after quenching and tempering and surface nitriding treatment.

What is the product description of sanitary sampling valve?

Sanitary sampling valve has the following features: After strict strength and tightness tests for quality assurance, the valve body adopts a detachable joint, simple structure, easy to clean, made of high quality SS304 and 316L.

The maximum pressure of Xusheng hygienic sampling valve is 10 BAR and the working temperature is -10 ℃ /120 ℃.

Xusheng (Sanicompass) can manufacture sanitary sampling valves according to customer's design drawings and requirements.

Xusheng (Sanicompass) is the leading manufacturer of sofas specializing in sanitary sampling valves. If you want to get more information, just go and connect it.


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