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  • Why do we need the sanitary tank?

    We live on the earth, of course, we cannot do without water resources. Water is the source of life and is very important to our human body. Many places in our lives require a lot of water, such as construction sites. Workers need water to build houses. So how do we store the water? In order to use it, the water tank is used. The better quality of the water tank is the sanitary tank, which is used in many industries.

  • Why do we need 316L sanitary lobe pump?

    The sanitary lobe pump is generally used to transport a large amount of liquid. Its characteristics are: wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is especially suitable for transporting solid particles, fibrous media or strong corrosive, shear-sensitive or gas-containing media.

  • What is sanitary stainless steel sight glass?

    The sanitary stainless steel sight glass is a general term in sight glass, which is named after sight glass application material. Because stainless steel has a beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance, it is stronger and more durable than ordinary steel. Stainless steel raw materials can be produced and processed at room temperature, that is, it is very easy to produce and process plastic deformation, without metal surface treatment. The high temperature production and processing, forging is also very convenient.

  • What is sanitary stainless steel beer brewery fermentation sampling valve?

    The classification of stainless steel beer brewery fermentation sampling valves is mainly carried out according to their operation methods, which can be divided into four types: manual, pneumatic, self-reset and diaphragm aseptic sampling valves. They can be sterilized before and after each sampling, and the application fields are basically the same, such as beer, milk, beverage, juice, pharmaceutical and other industries, but the operation mode and connection mode are different.

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