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Why do we need the sanitary tank?
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Why do we need the sanitary tank?

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We live on the earth, of course, we cannot do without water resources. Water is the source of life and is very important to our human body. Many places in our lives require a lot of water, such as construction sites. Workers need water to build houses. So how do we store the water? In order to use it, the water tank is used. The better quality of the water tank is the sanitary tank, which is used in many industries.

sanitary tank

What are the advantages of sanitary tank products?

How to maintain sanitary tank?

What are the specific steps for sanitary tank cleaning?

What are the advantages of sanitary tank products?

sanitary tank selection of high-quality and sophisticated materials: high-quality sanitary stainless steel SUS304 greatly extends the service life of the water tank, and can better prevent secondary pollution of water quality.

The structure of the sanitary tank is unique and reasonable: the high-strength stamping plate and the evenly distributed stainless steel ribs in the box make the box body pressure even and reasonable.

sanitary tank construction is convenient and quick: standard stamping plates 1000×1000, 1000×500, 500×500mm can be assembled and welded at will on site without lifting equipment.

The sanitary tank is light and beautiful: the high-quality stamping process not only ensures the maximum pressure-bearing needs of the tank, but also reduces the thickness of the material, which meets the aesthetic and practical requirements of the tank.

How to maintain sanitary tank?

Tips for sanitary tank protection

sanitary tank is a popular new generation of water tank products. Compared with other water tanks, it has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high strength. In order to be used for a longer time, it is necessary to protect your own water tank. , But how to protect it?

The steps are as follows: first close the water inlet valve, then open the sewage valve, drain the remaining water in the sanitary tank, then climb the ladder to enter the sanitary tank, and use a clean mop or rag to remove any dirt in the water tank. Clean it. If the dirt is serious, you can also buy some kind of decontamination to clean it, and then store the water. After washing all the things you just cleaned, repeat this several times, then close the drain, open the gate, and refill the water. In this way, the sanitary tank is well protected.

What are the specific steps for sanitary tank cleaning?

Surface treatment: first use an angle grinder to clean the scale on the surface of the leaking part, then use an electric grinder to clean the surface of the right-angle weld position, carefully clean the surface of the sanitary tank with sandpaper to reveal the original metal color, and then thoroughly clean the surface with absolute ethanol.

Blending materials: Blend the materials at a ratio of 3:1 and mix them evenly until there is no color difference on the surface of the sanitary tank.

Application material: Brush the adjusted material to protect the welding seam of the sanitary tank, and then carry out large-area anti-corrosion protection.

Curing time: 24 hours/24°C (material temperature). When the material temperature increases by 11°C, the curing time is shortened by half, but the increase temperature must not exceed the temperature that the material can withstand.

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