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What is 316L sanitary lobe pump?
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What is 316L sanitary lobe pump?

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The 316L sanitary lobe pump?started in Germany in the 1990s. Its technical characteristics are perfect. Its rotor is fully covered with spiral three-blade special rubber. It has high vacuum and super resistance to abrasion and corrosion. It is widely used in military industry, oil exploration and other fields.

sanitary lobe pump

What is sanitary lobe pump?

What are the characteristics of sanitary lobe pump?

What are the application areas of sanitary lobe pump?

What is sanitary lobe pump?

The sanitary lobe pump This product uses two synchronously moving rotors. The rotor is driven by an external synchronous gearbox. The rotor is driven by the drive shaft to rotate synchronously in opposite directions, thus forming a higher vacuum and discharge pressure. It is suitable for the transportation of medical grade media and corrosive high-viscosity media.

sanitary lobe pump is widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, papermaking, coating, metallurgy and other industries.

What are the characteristics of sanitary lobe pump?

1. The sanitary lobe pump adopts a cartridge combined floating mechanical seal instead of the existing spring-thrust mechanical seal structure.

2. The pump rotor of sanitary lobe pump: adopts nano-composite wear-resistant rubber rotor, which is resistant to dry operation, idling time is more than 60 minutes, the pump body is sturdy and durable, and has a long life;

3. The sanitary lobe pump adopts a wide-head seal to optimize the rotor profile design to ensure that the rotor and the pump are sealed on the surface. Even if the rotor is worn, it can still ensure the extremely strong vacuum capacity of the unit.

4. The sanitary lobe pump adopts gas-liquid two-phase sealing technology: it adopts special mechanical seal developed by famous domestic mechanical seal experts. The sealing surface has a unique structure, sufficient lubrication, no air resistance, and sufficient cooling medium convection, which can effectively prevent dry abrasion of the sealing surface. High temperature, cracking and failure ensure the normal operation of the pump unit. 5. No clogging, strong passability: ordinary plastic bags, woven bags, sand, mud, hair and other sundries will not affect the use of the pump.

6. sanitary lobe pump integrated control system: The project adopts advanced embedded system to develop an intelligent control system to realize intelligent monitoring.

7. Extremely strong medium passability, the largest passing particle is more than 90mm.

What are the application areas of sanitary lobe pump?

Petroleum applications of sanitary lobe pump

Exploitation, storage and transportation of crude oil, heavy oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, polymers, suspended solids, latex and soda-water-solid mixtures. The transfer pump has strong abrasion resistance, anti-cavitation, flow rate up to 1200m³/h, and can transfer high-viscosity media.

Municipal applications of sanitary lobe pump

Measure lime slurry, activated carbon, flocculant, conveying primary sludge, thickened sludge, digested sludge, condition water sludge, sedimentation sludge, scum and de-cemented cake, etc.

Fire application

Strong self-priming and high lift are suitable for firefighting water from long-distance water sources in rivers and lakes.

Papermaking application of sanitary lobe pump

Pulp, suspension, printing and dyeing slurry, paint, fiber, ink, viscose, etc.

Judging from the current situation, the use of 316L sanitary lobe pumps will become more and more widespread in the future. Xusheng Valves machinery has worked on the development and production of 316L sanitary lobe pump for many years, and it will commit to satisfy customers from every field.


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