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Sanitary Red FKM Gsket with Good Quality
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Sanitary Red FKM Gsket with Good Quality

It is used for food,beverage,pharmacy,chemical,dairy,cosmetics etc industries.
  • 1/2"-12",Dn10-Dn300,12.7mm-304.8mm
  • D10000010001

The Funtions for Sanitary Silicone Gasket

1.Has excellent heat resistance,cold resistance,ozone resistance,aging resistance
2.Has very good insulation performance
3.The tensile strength is poor and it is not resistant to oil.
4.-55Celsius Degree~250 Celsius Degree

The Function for Sanitary EPDM Gasket

1.Has good weather resistance, ozone resistance,water resistance and chemical resistance
2.Used for high temperature water vapor seal
3.-55Celsius Degree~150Celsius Degree

The Function for Sanitary VITON Gasket

1.High temperature resistance than silicone rubber, has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance
2.For most oil and solvent resistance
3.-20Celsius Degree~250Celsius Degree

The Function for Sanitary NBR Gasket

1.Suitable for oil system hydraulic oil, glycol system of hydraulic oil, two ester series lubricating oil, gasoline, water, silicone grease, silicone oil and other media use
2.The most widely used, the lowest cost of rubber seals
3.-40Celsius Degree~120Celsius Degree

Sealing ring also pays attention to the following conditions

1.Flexibility and elasticity
2.Appropriate mechanical strength, including tensile strength, elongation and tensile strength etc.
3.Stable performance, easy to swelling in the medium, heat shrinkage (Joule effect) small
4.Easy processing, and can keep the precision dimension
5.No corrosion no pollution to medium contact surface, etc.

Advantage of Sanitary Gasket

1.The sealing ring in the work pressure and temperature range, good sealing performance, and with the increase of pressure can improve the sealing performance
2.The friction between the sealing ring and the moving parts of the device must be small, stable friction coefficient
3.The corrosion resistance of the sealing ring is strong, not easy to aging, long service life, good resistance to abrasion, wear can automatically compensate to some extent
4.Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, the sealing ring has a longer life




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