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Stainless Steel Sanitary Tank Manway with One Handle
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Stainless Steel Sanitary Tank Manway with One Handle

It is applied in large stainless steel tanks and vessels, for such application requires the pathways to the inner parts of the tanks or vessels could be locked up widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, water treatment, daily chemical, petroleum and chemical industries. The available size is 350MM- 600MM, largest dimension can be customized. Sanitary manhole covers are made from stainless steel SS304 and SS316L. External and Internal treatment can be polished up to 600 grits. Anyway, Height and frame and covers and gaskets can be changed according to customer's requirement.
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Description of commodity: Stainless Steel Sanitary Tank Manway with One Handle 


Sanitary manholes are used in industrial fields such as dairy products, beer, food, beverages, and pharmaceutical processes.Generally all meet the special requirements of various media in food and biopharmaceutical fields.they are all relatively hygienic industries, completely food machinery industries, especially the equipment of large companies such as brewing and beverages.

Technical data:

Size: 350MM-600MM, largest or small dimension can be customized.

Material: SS304(1.4301), SS316L(1.4404)

Max. pressure: pressless 

Internal surface: Ra0.8um-0.4um.

External surface: Mirror polished, matte, sand-blasting finished.

Gasket: Silicone, EPDM, Viton(FKM), EPDM, BUNA in accordance with FDA 177.2600

Height, frame, cover can be changed according to customer' requirement.

Type of handle: Plastic handle wheel or stainless steel wheel.

Design and features

By the way, we introduce about the choice of manhole sealing ring, What kind of sealing ring is used for the manhole is related to the medium. Generally, the most commonly used Silicone gasket. This kind of sealing ring has excellent sealing performance and is waterproof and leak-proof. It can be used almost forever at 150 ° without performance change and other advantages. And We can provide many types of Gasket (Silicone/EPDM/NBR/FKM).

About Manhole, we available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, And the cover  and collar thickness, can be changed according to your requirement. The number of handles can be changed according to your needs. Then all Stainless steel manhole are produced in both 304 and 316L stainless steel, The Internal surface adopt 0.8μm-0.4μm, Outside surface adopt Mirror polished or matte polished. 

Drawing of sanitary full view glass manhole covers Drawing of sanitary hygienic tank manhole cover with one handle

Analysis all parts are installed on stainless steel hygienic non-pressure tank manways 

parts of sanitary stainless steel round outward pressless manways

Real pictures of different types sanitary hygienic stainless steel tank manways 

Actual Pictures of Sanitary Non Pressure Manhole Covers



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