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How to clean sanitary ball valves?
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How to clean sanitary ball valves?

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Valve industry plays a very important role in the development of the national economy, as an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of valves. Today we want to introduce the product is the ball valve, in China, the ball valve is widely used in petroleum refining, long-distance pipeline, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, electric power, municipal, steel and other industries, in the national economy occupies a pivotal position. This article will make a simple analysis and introduction to sanitary ball valves, about sanitary ball valves cleaning and operationism notes will be briefly introduced.


The main advantages of sanitary ball valves

How to use sanitary ball valves effectively?

How to clean sanitary stainless steel ball valves?


The main advantages of sanitary ball valves

sanitary ball valves are compact in their overall construction, as the seals of the hard seal ball valves are manually ground until the spool and the seal are perfectly matched before use. The sealing performance of sanitary ball valves is therefore reliable. At the same time, compact, lightweight and lightly operated, the handle can be mounted on the side of the valve body irrespective of the flow direction. In addition, sanitary stainless steel ball valves are not easily eroded by the medium and are easy to operate and maintain.

 sanitary ball valves

How to use sanitary ball valves effectively?

·Precautions before installation

Remove the protective covers on both sides of the valve end and flush and clean with the valve fully open. Before installation the whole unit shall be tested and passed according to the required signals before being put on line.

·Precautions during installation

Before preparing for connection to the pipeline, flush and remove any remaining impurities from the pipeline, as these may damage the valve seat and ball.


These are the precautions to be taken regarding the use of sanitary ball valves. It is important to note that the pipeline near the installation point must not be low hanging or subjected to external forces, and that pipeline supports or braces can be used to eliminate deviations.


How to clean sanitary stainless steel ball valves?

·Reagent selection

The cleaning agent should be compatible with the rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working medium in the ball valve. When the working medium is gas, the metal parts can be cleaned with petrol. At the same time, non-metallic parts are cleaned with pure water or alcohol to avoid damaging the surface structure of stainless steel ball valves.

·Locking the valve stem

Care must be taken when cleaning sanitary ball valves. New parts should also be cleaned before assembly. When assembling, no metal debris, fibres, grease (except those specified for use), dust and other impurities, foreign bodies etc. should be allowed to contaminate, adhere to or remain on the surface of the parts or enter the cavity.


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