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How to clean sanitary butterfly valves?
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How to clean sanitary butterfly valves?

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In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the market for sanitary butterfly valves has also changed. Sanitary butterfly valves are useful in beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, water treatment, food, semiconductor and other fields.


Importance of sanitary butterfly valve cleaning

Maintenance and installation of sanitary butterfly valve

How to clean sanitary butterfly valves?


Importance of sanitary butterfly valve cleaning

The sanitary butterfly valve should be inspected and cleaned thoroughly before use. There should be no oil stain and other dirt on the surface, which is to make it work normally. After use, the site needs to be cleaned to ensure a good mood and a good working environment to improve efficiency.

The application of sanitary butterfly valve can make the complicated pipeline connection process simple, fast and convenient, and reduce the difficulty of operation, stabilize the quality, and improve the work efficiency. Ordinary workers can operate after simple training, so how should sanitary valves be cleaned before and after work?

sanitary butterfly valves 

Maintenance and installation of sanitary butterfly valve

We need 7 steps to maintain and install butterfly valves.

Step 1:first,remove the protection cover on both sides of the flange and rinse the valve body with the sanitary butterfly valve fully open.

Step 2:test the whole machine according to the specified signal before installation, and the on-line installation can only be carried out after passing the test.

Step 3: before preparing to connect with the pipe, flush and remove the remaining impurities in the pipe;

Step 4: During installation, do not use the actuator part that is not the ball valve as the hoisting point to avoid damage to the actuator and accessories;

Step 5: Sanitary butterfly valve this type of valve should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline;

Step 6: The pipe near the installation point of the sanitary butterfly valve should not sag or bear external forces. The pipe supports or supports can be used to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline.

Step 7:After connecting the pipe, cross-lock the flange connection bolts with the specified torque.


How to clean sanitary butterfly valves?

1. The sanitary butterfly valve rusts due to adhesion of dissimilar metals

When the "incidental rust" caused by iron powder or the situation is not too serious, sponge or cloth, plus neutral detergent or soapy water can be used to wipe to remove the rust easily. Then rinse with clean water, pay attention not to leave the lotion on it. This degree of rust removal, as long as the cleaning work is done immediately, not only easy maintenance, more effective, but also very cheap removal costs.

However, if it is not treated in this way, the mixture of iron hydroxide, iron oxide and ferrous sulfite will be formed in a short time, and it will show a serious rust state of tea brown. In this case, stainless steel can be sold on the market with cleaning solution or nitric acid 15 ‰ dilution and other complete removal. However, there are some rust that can not be removed. At the same time, it will damage the stainless steel surface, or damage the stainless steel. At this time, use sandpaper or stainless steel brush to grind and wipe, and then clean it with cleaning solution.


2. Rust caused by harmful components in exhaust gas attached to sanitary butterfly valve

In the workshop area, or in the environment with a lot of traffic, the stainless steel surface is easy to be polluted, and sometimes there are small spots of rust. Most of these conditions are caused by the harmful components in the exhaust gas of automobile, radiator or factory.

At this time, when the pollution is slight, it can be completely cleaned with neutral cleaning agent or soapy water, but it can not be simply treated when the pollution is serious. In this case, the same repair method as in Item 1 can be used to clean up. In this kind of environment, as far as possible, 2-3 times a year, the appearance of comprehensive regular cleaning work, at least must do a regular cleaning.


3. The sanitary butterfly valve is rusted due to the attachment of salt

In coastal areas, such as the front by the sea breeze, SUS 304 stainless steel will also produce red rust in a short period of time. Moreover, the rust is faster than that in other areas, and the treatment method is the same as that of 1. It is hoped that sus 316, which has more corrosion resistance, can be used as stainless steel in coastal areas. As for the use of SUS 304 for stainless steel outer packing, do regular cleaning 3-4 times a year as far as possible.


4. Rust caused by cleaning solution attached to sanitary valve

If it can't be cleaned with neutral detergent, it should be cleaned with detergent.


5. Rust of sanitary butterfly valve caused by hands dirty or fingerprint

If it can not be cleaned with neutral cleaning agent, sponge, cloth and other organic solvents (alcohol, light oil essence, acetone, etc.) are used to wipe. This method can not be completely removed, and then use stainless steel cleaning solution to remove. In a word, after all kinds of cleaning methods are cleaned, it must be washed with water again.

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