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How to clean sanitary centrifugal pumps?
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How to clean sanitary centrifugal pumps?

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A pump is a machine that conveys or pressurizes a fluid. It transmits mechanical energy or other external energy from the prime mover to the fluid, increasing the energy of the fluid. The product we are introducing today is the sanitary centrifugal pump, a common type of pump equipment. This article will focus on the cleaning methods and precautions for sanitary centrifugal pumps.


What is a sanitary centrifugal pump?

Precautions for cleaning sanitary centrifugal pumps

Specific steps for cleaning a sanitary centrifugal pump


What is a sanitary centrifugal pump?

Centrifugal pum is a pump that relies on the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller to transport liquids, which is a common pump equipment bureau that works by using the centrifugal motion of water due to the rotation of the impeller. Before starting the water pump, the pump casing and suction pipe must be filled with water, and then start the motor, so that the pump shaft drives the impeller and water to do high-speed rotational movement, the water occurs centrifugal motion. It is worth noting that the basic structure of the sanitary centrifugal pump is composed of eight parts: impeller, pump body, pump cover, water retaining ring, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, stuffing box, axial force balancing device.

 sanitary centrifugal pumps

Notes for cleaning sanitary centrifugal pumps

The basic principle of sanitary centrifugal pump cleaning is that all cleaning methods must fully meet the requirements of the degree of cleanliness of the parts, in the repair of pumps, a variety of different parts, the degree of cleanliness requirements are not the same. Cleaning must be based on different requirements, take different cleaning agents and cleaning methods, to ensure the required cleaning quality. Prevent the corrosion of the parts, and do not allow any degree of corrosion to the precision parts. When the pump parts need to be parked for a period of time after cleaning, the rust prevention ability of the cleaning solution should be considered or other rust prevention measures should be considered. Ensure the safety of operation to prevent causing fire or poisoning human body as well as causing pollution to the environment.


Specific steps for cleaning sanitary centrifugal pumps

Disassembly of impeller

When disassembling the impeller of the pump, you need to measure the rotor axial runout and radial runout, and measure whether the rotor axial runout and radial runout are normal.


Disassemble the impeller back cap

Remove the impeller after disassembling the impeller back cap, and confirm the rotation direction of the back cap before disassembly. When the impeller is pried off with a pry bar, it should be pried at the ribbed plate of the impeller so as not to crack the impeller. The impeller back cap should be repaired or replaced if there is no gnawing and slippage in the appearance inspection.


Disassemble the impeller guiding flat key

When disassembling the impeller guiding flat key, it is necessary to check the flat check for no obvious deformation, defects and other defects, and the fit with the keyway should meet the requirements, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced. Finally, scrape the impeller inside and outside the surface and sealing ring and bearings and other places where the scale and rust accumulated, and then use water or compressed air to clean, blow clean. When cleaning the sanitary centrifugal pump, pay attention to the temporary non-assembly of parts and components, after cleaning should be coated with oil protection.


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