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How to clean sanitary lobe pump?
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How to clean sanitary lobe pump?

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The lobe pump is a common pump with many application scenarios. It is a lobe pump is a pump that changes the working volume through the relative movement between the rotor and the pump body, which in turn increases the energy of the liquid. This article is going to give a brief introduction and analysis of the basic information on sanitary lobe pumps and the considerations for cleaning.


The working principle of lobe pumps

How do I clean a sanitary lobe pump?

Maintenance of the lobe pump


The working principle of lobe pumps

The lobe pump is a form of positive displacement pump. It consists of a rotating rotor and a stationary pump body. It has no suction or discharge valves and changes the working volume through the relative movement between the rotor and the pump body, and discharges the liquid by the squeezing effect of the rotating rotor, while leaving space on the other side to form a low pressure so that the liquid is continuously drawn in. When a rotary cam pump is in operation, the space between the cam and the casing is filled with fluid in turn, which is then conveyed to the discharge nozzle in a fixed displacement discharge nozzle. Due to the tolerances between the cams and the pump housing, the fluid pumped forms a continuous flow, thus ensuring effective pumping.

 sanitary lobe pumps

How do I clean a sanitary lobe pump?

Open the pump cover

First open the pump cover of the sanitary lobe pump, blow the inside of the sanitary lobe pump casing clean with an air source, check the pump casing and pump cover, which should be free from deformation and cracks, and the joint surface should be smooth, free from damage and scratches, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced. Clean and check the rotor parts. When cleaning rotor parts, use non-combustible cleaning agent to prevent fire.


Checking the impeller

Check that corrosion, wear and cavitation of the impeller does not exceed the standard. If cracks, damage and deformation are found the impeller must be replaced with a new one.


Clean and check the mechanical seal of the pump shaft

External inspection of the mechanical seal table should be free from obvious deformation, corrosion and defects, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced.


The lobe pump needs to be cleaned regularly as the medium it conveys is turbid, the medium contains particles or has a high viscosity, so there will be dirt left in the pump after a long time. In addition to the above-mentioned cleaning steps, in the cleaning of the lobe pump hiss. Inspection personnel should pay attention to construction safety, if welding repair pump body should be set up fire-fighting measures to prevent fire.


Maintenance of the lobe pump

Regularly check the wear and tear of the shaft sleeve, wear and tear should be replaced in a timely manner. If the lobe pump is used in the winter season, after parking, the lower part of the pump body should be unscrewed to drain the medium. In addition, if the lobe pump is not used for a long time, the pump should be dismantled, dried, and the rotating parts and the combination of grease and oil should be installed and stored properly.


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