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How to clean the sanitary tank manways?
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How to clean the sanitary tank manways?

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Sanitary Tank Manways is a very common equipment in daily life, it plays a vital role in the field of sanitation. It is very diverse and customizable, for example, oval manholes with beveled edges, rectangular manholes, and pressureless round manholes. In this article, we will give a brief introduction to the cleaning and storage of sanitary Tank Manways in combination with basic information on sanitary Tank Manways.


Application areas of sanitary Tank Manways

How to clean sanitary Tank Manways?

How to store stainless steel sanitary Tank Manways?


Application areas of sanitary Tank Manways

Sanitary tank manwayss are widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, water treatment, daily chemical, petroleum and chemical industries. These fields are they are relatively hygienic industries, the hygiene are yo this strict eye, completely food machinery industry, especially the equipment of large companies, such as brewing and beverage, pharmaceuticals and so on.

Sanitary Tank Manways 

How to clean stainless steel sanitary Tank Manways?

Do not scratch the mating surface when cleaning

When cleaning sanitary Tank Manways, it is important to hold them gently and not to scratch the mating surfaces. When opening and closing the manway cover, use special tools.


Choose the right cleaning solution

When choosing the cleaning fluid, pay attention to its corrosiveness to avoid corrosion of the valve body. We recommend rinsing clean with pure water after acid cleaning and purification, so that there can be no residue of chemicals. Pay attention to the storage of the cleaned parts to avoid rusting or re-pollution.


Pay attention to safety

Some inorganic cleaning fluids are toxic, heating volatilization can make people poisoned, should be used with caution; organic cleaning fluids are flammable, pay attention to fire. Before construction, please prepare first-aid equipment, such as air respirator, gas mask, life jacket, etc., and operate skillfully in case of emergency.


These are the main precautions for cleaning sanitary Tank Manways. When cleaning sanitary Tank Manways, observe the dirt deposition and remove the concentrated dirt with brushes, cotton yarns and non-metallic scrapers without causing damage to the working surface.


How to store stainless steel sanitary Tank Manways?

Stainless steel sanitary tank tube belongs to stainless steel products, although its surface is brushed, mirror polished and other treatments. But stainless steel products and other metal parts in storage and use of anti-corrosion measures are equally important. sanitary Tank Manways storage environment needs to be noted, should be stored in a dry and ventilated room. sanitary Tank Manways surface quality requirements are high, so it can not be moisture rust, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the use of the material, we It is recommended to store sanitary Tank Manways with anti-rust grease, and it is better to seal them with moisture-proof paper. When using sanitary Tank Manways in general, we also need to pay attention to. If you find water in the manhole cover when opening or closing it, please extract it in time.


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