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How to maintain sanitary ball valves?
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How to maintain sanitary ball valves?

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Sanitary ball valve is a basic type of sanitary valves. The sanitary ball valves are sanitary ball valves with pneumatic actuators, whose execution speed is relatively fast (the fastest switch speed is 0.05 seconds/time), so it is also called pneumatic quick cutting sanitary ball valves. Pneumatic sanitary ball valves are specifically classified as stainless steel pneumatic sanitary ball valves, plastic pneumatic sanitary ball valves,  sanitary ball valves, carbon steel pneumatic sanitary ball valves, etc.

The article will include the following:

Before Use The Sanity Ball Valve

There are Three Notes for Maintaining Sanitary Ball Valve

Precautions during the maintenance of The Sanity Ball Valve

1. Before Use The Sanity Ball Valve

Before use, the sanitary ball valves should be cleaned by water to prevent iron scraps and other debris from entering the body cavity.


When the ball valve is closed, there is still some residual medium in the valve body, which also bears certain pressure. Before servicing the ball valve, close the shutoff valve in front of the ball valve, open the ball valve that needs to be repaired, and completely release the pressure inside the valve body. If it is an electric ball valve or sanitary ball valves, the power supply and air source should be disconnected first.


Generally speaking, the soft sealing ball valve uses electroencephalography (PTFE) as the sealing material, the hard sealing ball valve sealing surface is made of metal surfacing. If cleaning the pipe ball valve is required, care should be taken to prevent leakage by damaging the sealing ring during removal.


When the flange ball valve is disassembled, the bolts and nuts on the flange shall be fixed first, then all the nuts shall be tightened slightly, and finally fixed with strength. If the individual nuts are firmly fixed first, and then other nuts are fixed, the flange surface will be damaged or broken due to in-homogeneity between the flange faces, resulting in leakage of valve flange docking media.

 Sanitary ball valve

2. There are Three Notes for Maintaining Sanitary Ball Valve:

(1) We must make sure that pressure of upstream and downstream pipelines has been released before disassembling sanitary ball valves.

(2) The bolt on the flange must be screwed evenly, symmetrically and step by step when the sanitary ball valve is assembled.

(3) Cleaning agents should not react with rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and working media of sanitary ball valves. When the working medium is gas, gasoline can be used for cleaning metal parts. Pure water or alcohol can be adopted for cleaning non-metallic parts.


3. Precautions during the maintenance of The Sanity Ball Valve

If the sanitary ball valves is cleaned, the solvent used must not conflict or corrode with the fittings to be cleaned. If it is a special sanitary ball valve for gas, then gasoline can be used to clean, and other parts can generally be cleaned with water. The dirt, oil and other attachments should be thoroughly cleaned when cleaning. If it cannot be cleaned with water, it can be cleaned with alcohol and other cleaning agents without damaging the valve body and parts. After the cleaning, the cleaning agent will be completely volatilized before assembling.

If a minor leak is found at the packing place during use, tighten the stem nut slightly until the leak stops and do not continue to tighten.

Long-term open storage will cause the valve body and parts to rust and cannot be used normally. Ball valves shall be stored in a rainproof, waterproof, moisture-proof location and shall be covered with a flange. Valve stored for more than 12 months should be retested when used to ensure stable performance.


The sanitary ball valve was manufactured in the 1950s. With the rapid development of science and technology, manufacturing processes and structures of ball valves have improved gradually. Sanitary ball valves have rapidly developed into one of the main valves in a short period of 40 years.


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