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How to maintain sanitary diverter valves?
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How to maintain sanitary diverter valves?

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The use of the sanitary valve is very frequent, in order to ensure its high efficiency in the work, it is often necessary to maintain the sanitary diverter valve.

Maintenance of electromagnetic sanitary valve

Maintenance of Three way sanitary valve

Maintenance of electromagnetic sanitary valve

As is known to all, electromagnetic sanitary valve is a product in the valve product series, it is easy to install, use fast, shape fine small, does not take up a place, modern people want to make full use of it, in the use of Electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve process must be maintained, make its play to the maximum role and longer service life. Although the cost of Electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve is low, if we do not maintain it, can not make the best use of things, we will also delay time on the replacement and produce a certain loss.

(1) Electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve maintenance starts from its installation, the electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve is a key to the first point, we need to understand how to install and electromagnetic sanitary valve is the correct installation, including installation before cleaning, installation location to avoid water installation, stable installation plus fixed lest cause electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve vibration, installation environment should be safe, non explosion-proof series solenoid valve need to use in the inflammable and explosive places.

(2) Electromagnetic sanitary valve installation needs to be through the medium for testing, confirm the performance and control of the solenoid valve, everything is normal before it can be put into normal use.

(3) Regularly clean the electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve inside and outside the adsorption of dirty things, but pay attention not to damage the sealing surface, if not used for a long time, should be removed from the solenoid valve, the internal parts can be stored after cleaning and blowing.

(4) When used for a long time, if the piston and seat sealing is not good, the piston sealing surface can be re-ground, and the seat grinding.

(5) It is recommended to install the filter and pressure gauge before the electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve, filter can ensure the electromagnetic sanitary valve pipeline clean without impurities into the pressure gauge can know the pipeline in a timely manner, reduce the pressure caused by too much electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve damage, thereby extending the service life.

(6) Electromagnetic sanitary valve working process, pay special attention to the pressure gauge, the working pressure difference must be in the rated pressure difference range, when the working pressure exceeds the rated pressure difference or the working pressure difference exceeds the rated pressure difference, should immediately stop the use of the solenoid valve, close before and after the manual valve, so as not to cause electromagnetic sanitary diverter valve leakage or unnecessary losses.

sanitary diverter valve

Maintenance of Three way sanitary valve

(1) Maintenance of main engine

1. The fixture equipped with the machine shall be coated with anti-rust oil for safekeeping.

2. Check the screws at the clamp mouth regularly, and tighten them in time if they are loose.

3. Check the sprocket transmission condition regularly. If it is loose, please tensioning the sprocket again.

4. The sliding surface touched by the plate and the lining board, and the dovetail groove surface on the lining board shall be kept clean, and a thin layer of MoS2 grease shall be applied regularly.

5, because the three-way directional control valve clamp mouth is often used, simple wear, too much oxide skin, easy to lead to small piston damage oil leakage, so the clamp mouth should often clean, keep clean.

(2) Protection of oil source

1. According to the operation status of the machine and the service life of the oil, replace the oil suction filter and filter element regularly, and replace the hydraulic oil.

2. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and the oil source. If there is oil leakage, replace the sealing ring or combination pad in time;

3. If you do not do the experiment for a long time, the power supply of the host machine should be turned off. If the machine is in standby condition, the transfer switch should be placed in the "loading" position, because if the transfer switch is placed in the "quick back" position, the electromagnetic reversal valve will be energized all the time, which will affect the service life of the equipment.

(3) Control system protection

1. The interface on the controller is one-to-one correspondence, and the wrong interface may cause damage to the device;

2. It is necessary to close the controller power supply when plugging and unplugging the interface on the controller.

3. If the machine is not used for a long period of time, the controller and the computer should be closed;

4. Check the connection wire of the controller regularly. If it is loose, tighten it in time.


Different types of sanitary diverter valves have different maintenance methods, only in peacetime to do a good job of sanitary valve maintenance can make it in the work of its role.


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