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What are sanitary sight glasses?
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What are sanitary sight glasses?

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Sanitary sight glass is one of the main accessories on industrial pipeline devices. In the pipelines of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial production equipment, the sanitary sight glass can observe the flow and reaction of liquid, gas, steam and other media in the pipeline at any time. They play a role in monitoring production and avoiding accidents in the production process.

Sanitary Sight Glass

What are sanitary sight glasses?

What are the precautions for the use of sanitary sight glasses?

What are the characteristics of sanitary sight glasses?

What are sanitary sight glasses?

The sanitary sight glass is made of standard stainless steel 304 and 316L. The whole is specular light. No dead ends. Clean and hygienic. It is suitable for clean pipelines in the food industry, beer and beverages, and biopharmaceutical engineering where the environmental requirements are relatively strict. There should be no residual bacteria during use. The working principle is the same as that of ordinary sight glasses, but the appearance, cleanliness, material and connection method are different.

What are the precautions for the use of sanitary sight glasses?

Clean the surface: Wipe the surface with alcohol before use, do not wipe with acid liquid.

Regular inspection: For some environments with strong acid and alkali, the damage degree of the glass surface should be checked regularly to ensure safety.

Sanitary sight glasses Compared to normal sight glasses, illuminated sight glasses are equipped with a light to observe the reaction in the sight glass. It is composed of a sight glass and a sight light structure, and the surrounding is relatively dark, which can easily observe the reaction in the sight glass, and is suitable for petroleum, chemical, food, medicine and other industries. Sanitary sight glasses can be used in high temperature, corrosive, toxic and dangerous pipes.

What are the characteristics of sanitary sight glasses?

Sanitary sight glass has the advantages of small installation size, small driving torque, simple and fast operation, good flow adjustment function, and good closing and sealing characteristics. It is the application field of large, medium caliber, medium and low pressure, and is the leading form of sight glass.

Uses: sanitary sight glasses can be used in chemical towers with high temperature, strong corrosion and easy poisoning, high risk and easy crystallization to ensure production safety.

Structure: sanitary sight glass is mainly composed of sight glass bottom plate, sight glass, valve components, etc.

The sanitary sight glass can quickly disassemble and assemble the valve, which is convenient for valve opening and maintenance, and shortens the downtime. The material is stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon steel lined with fluorine, etc., the maximum pressure is 25kgfcm2, and the allowable medium temperature is 0-200 °C. The glass material of the sight glass is tempered borosilicate glass, and the chromaticity temperature difference of tempered borosilicate glass is 180 °C.

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