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What are the characteristics of sanitary diverter valves?
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What are the characteristics of sanitary diverter valves?

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There are many types of stainless steel sanitary diverter valves, each different role and characteristics of the valve are not the same, so what are the different characteristics of the sanitary valve?

What is the sanitary diverter valves?

What are the characteristics of sanitary diverter valves?

What is the sanitary diverter valves?

The sanitary valve is a directional control valve with more than two flow forms and more than two oil ports. It is a valve to realize the communication, cutting and reversing of hydraulic oil flow, as well as pressure unloading and sequential action control. Direction control valves by the relative motion of the valve core and body. There are two types of rotary valve and slide valve. According to the spool in the valve body to stay in the number of working positions into two, three, etc.; According to the number of oil routes connected with the valve body is divided into two, three, four and six, etc. Operation of the spool movement of manual, motor, electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and other types.

sanitary diverter valve

What are the characteristics of sanitary diverter valves?

1. Electro-hydraulic sanitary diverter valve 

(1) It can be installed arbitrarily, and the horizontal position is preferred.

(2) The medium used in the hydraulic system must be filtered.

(3) The fixing screws should be selected according to the parameters listed in the sample.

(4) Connect with the valve surface.

2. Electromagnetic sanitary valve 

(1) External leakage and sealing, easy control of internal leakage and safe use. Internal and external leakage is a factor endangering safety. Other automatic sanitary diverter valves usually lengthen the stem, and control the rotation or movement of the spool through electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Solve the problem of external leakage of the dynamic seal of the valve stem for a long time; only the electromagnetic sanitary valve is acted on by the electromagnetic force on the seal, and it can be completed between the magnetic sleeve iron cores between the electric control valves. There is no dynamic seal, so the leakage is easy to block . Electric valve torque control is not easy, and it is easy to produce internal leakage, even to tear off the stem head; the structure of solenoid valve is easy to control internal leakage until it is reduced to zero. Therefore, the electromagnetic sanitary valve is particularly safe to use, especially suitable for corrosive, toxic or high and low temperature media.

(2) The system is simple, easy to connect with the computer, and low price.

The sanitary diverter valve itself has a simple structure and low price, which is easier to install and maintain than other types of actuators such as control valves. What is more noteworthy is that the automatic control system composed of it is much simpler and much cheaper. Since the solenoid valve is controlled by a switch signal, it is very convenient to connect with an industrial control computer. In today's era when computers are popularized and prices drop sharply, the advantages of electromagnetic sanitary valves are more obvious.

(3) The action is fast, the power is small, and the shape is light.

The response time of the electromagnetic sanitary valve can be as short as a few milliseconds, and even the first conductive magnetic sanitary diverter valve can be controlled within tens of milliseconds. Because it has its own circuit, it is more sensitive than other automatic control valves. The solenoid valve coil with reasonable design and low power consumption is an energy-saving product. It can also realize that only the action is triggered and the valve position is automatically maintained, usually without power consumption. The solenoid valve has a small diameter, which saves space and is light and beautiful.

(4) The adjustment accuracy is limited and the applicable medium is limited.

Electromagnetic stainless Steel sanitary diverter valves usually have only two switching states, and the spool can only be in two limit positions and cannot be adjusted continuously, so the adjustment accuracy is also limited. Electromagnetic stainless Steel sanitary diverter valves have higher requirements for the cleanliness of the medium, and granular media cannot be used, such as impurities must be filtered out first. In addition, viscous media is not applicable, and the product viscosity range specifically applicable to the media is narrow.

(5) There are many models and wide applications.

Although the electromagnetic stainless Steel sanitary diverter valve has congenital defects, its advantages are still very prominent, so it is designed into a variety of products to meet a variety of different needs, and its use is very wide.


Only to understand the characteristics of various sanitary diverter valves in order to better and more efficient use of it.


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