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What are the precautions for sampling valve?
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What are the precautions for sampling valve?

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The sampling valve is used to obtain the medium sample in pipeline or equipment. It is used for the occasions where chemical analysis of the medium sample is often required. Sampling valves are often used in tank equipment and pipelines as well as in chemical sites, so what are the precautions in using sampling valves? How to safely use the pneumatic Sanitary sampling valve?

The precautions of using sampling valve

What should I pay attention to when sampling?

The precautions of using sampling valve

A sampling valve is a valve used to obtain a sample of a medium for chemical analysis. Generally, it is roughly divided into a double opening valve, a flange clamp valve, and a sampling valve with an insulation jacket on the equipment or pipeline.

Note when using the pneumatic Sanitary sampling valve:

1. The double opening valve is generally composed of two ball valves, which play the role of sampling safety and achieve the purpose of sampling through linkage in the negative pressure device.

2. Flange clamp sampling valve is generally sealed through the stem top cone and the seat of the taper hole, sampling by hand wheel rotation of the valve stem from the taper hole, so that the medium can flow from the taper hole to the external sampling vessel.

3. Sample valves with jacket insulation should pay attention to the following:

First of all, the jacket should be opened and opened by steam to melt the medium in the valve that is easy to crystallize before the valve can be opened and closed. Do not force the valve to be opened and closed until the medium is completely melted.

Second, when the valve can not be opened, can not use the method of extended torque arm, forced to open the valve, because this will cause the valve stem resistance is greater and the spool off, or cause stem and cone hole sealing surface damage, resulting in valve damage or damage to the wrench, causing unsafe factors.

sampling valve

What should I pay attention to when sampling?

1. Before sampling, it is necessary to understand the composition, physical and chemical characteristics of the sample and the structural state of the sampling point. It mainly includes: is the sample liquid, solid or gas; The structure of the sampling point is valve or open space; Whether the sample components are toxic and flammable; The temperature and pressure of the medium.

2. Determine the sampling method and take the corresponding safety protection measures, such as sampling containers, tools and protective articles, according to the sampling objects and sampling points.

3. To be familiar with and understand the situation around the sampling point, the corresponding emergency plan should be made according to the risk degree of the sampling point.

4. Be careful when opening the pneumatic Sanitary sampling valve. Try to stand on the upper tuyere and the side of the sampling valve with your body side to the pneumatic Sanitary sampling valve. Do not point your face to the sampling point. In particular, the use of the font spanner can not be too much force, each time can only turn the valve 1/4 turn. Short sleeved clothes should not be sampled on site in summer. The root valve in front of the sampling valve is responsible for the process and cannot be operated by the analyst.

5. For sampling of high-temperature media, such as boiler water, cooling water should be opened before sampling, and the sample temperature should be adjusted to an appropriate degree to prevent high-temperature burns; Wear appropriate protective equipment such as rubber gloves, protective glasses, etc.

6. When taking samples of liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid ammonia and other low-temperature media, heat preservation gloves, protective glasses or masks should be worn to prevent frostbite.

7. If there is condensate when taking process gas, open the condensate discharge valve first, remove the condensate, and then open the pneumatic Sanitary sampling valve for sampling. When taking toxic gas samples, first open the bypass valve to replace, strictly prohibit the gas into the atmosphere, in order to prevent poisoning. Wear protective equipment such as gloves, protective cover, etc.

8. High temperature burns, poisoning and valve blockage should be prevented when taking process liquid samples. If serious blockage is found, please ask the technician to deal with it before sampling. The replacement waste liquid should be poured into a special waste liquid bucket for centralized treatment. It is strictly prohibited to pour the replacement waste liquid directly into the sewer to drain, causing environmental pollution.

9. To be familiar with the location and use of the site leaching device, once injured, can get effective treatment in the first time.

10. When taking samples from the sewage place, fasten the helmet belt and place personal belongings such as mobile phones to prevent the protective equipment and personal belongings from falling into the pool.

11. In the presence of various toxic gases in sewage, it is easy to cause suffocation. Wear personal protective equipment when sampling, and keep a certain safe distance from the pool. To prevent slipping, wear a safety line to sample during rainy and winter months.

12. Most of the sampling sites for environmental analysis are outside the plant, so two people must take samples, monitor each other, and take the necessary life-saving supplies. Sampling points to avoid as far as possible silt, grass, steep slope and other places, so as not to fall into the water.


We should pay attention to safety in the use of sampling valve and in the process of sampling, strictly follow the operation steps to operate, that is, to ensure work efficiency and to ensure their own safety.

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