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What are the types of sampling valve?
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What are the types of sampling valve?

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The sampling valve is used to obtain the medium sample in pipeline or equipment. It is used for the occasions where chemical analysis of the medium sample is often required. There are many types of the pneumatic sanitary sampling valves, and different sampling valves have different functions. Now let us go to see what are the types of the pneumatic sanitary sampling valves.

What are the types of the pneumatic sanitary sampling valves?

Different characteristics of each sampling valve

What are the types of the pneumatic sanitary sampling valves?

1. Double opening sampling valve

2. Flange clamp sampling valve

3. Sample valve with insulation jacket

4. Micro biology sterile sampling valve

5. Handle quickly open type sterile sampling valve

6. Pndumatic aseptic sampling valve

7. Hand\ Gasintegrated sterile sampling valve

8. Clamped aseptic sampling valve

9. Welded aseptic sampling valve

10. Plastic handle quick open sterile sampling valve

11. Staninless steel handle quick open sterile sampling valve

12. Water-cooled sterile sampling valve

sampling valve

Different characteristics of each sampling valve

1. Double opening sampling valve

Double open sampling valve is a more commonly used sampling valve, usually composed of two connected ball valves, its characteristics are sampling safety and stability. In the sampling process, first close valve A close to the equipment and pipeline in the double-opening valve, then open valve B to let the medium flow into the space between the two valves, then close valve B to open valve A, and place the sampling vessel in the sampling port to contain the sampling medium.

2. Flange clamp sampling valve

The principle of flange clamp pneumatic sanitary sampling valve is to seal through the vertebral body at the top of the valve stem and the conical hole of the seat, and use a hand wheel to lift the stem position during sampling to separate the stem from the conical hole, so that the medium in the conical hole can flow into the external sampling vessel.

3. Sample valve with insulation jacket

During the use of the pneumatic sanitary sampling valve, if the use of insulation jacket is required, it should be noted that during operation, the valve should not be forcibly opened before the medium is not completely melted, and the valve must wait until the crystallization in the valve to open, otherwise it is easy to cause safety accidents.

When the pneumatic sanitary sampling valve is used with the insulation jacket, it should be noted that the valve cannot be forcibly opened. In case the valve cannot be opened, it should be avoided to use the extended torque arm, which will cause excessive force on the valve and lead to the shedding of the valve core and stem, or lead to the damage of the sampling parts, leading to safety hazards.

4. Sterile pneumatic sanitary sampling valve

Its basic working principle is when in the closed state, rely on spring tension or other pressure to push the thimble, by the thimble sealant head pressed in the tank wall at the opening, to achieve the sealing effect; If sampling is needed, steam or other bactericidal medium is passed through one of the sampling ports (usually below), the whole sample chamber is filled and exported from another sampling outlet, and the sample chamber and sampling outlet are kept aseptic after a certain period of time. Then by twisting the handle, retracting the spring and loosening the thimble, the sealant head is released from the opening in the tank wall, so that the sample is discharged from the tank through the sample chamber and collected from the sampling mouth; After sampling, turn the handle, relax the spring, and press the sealant head to the hole in the tank wall again through the thimble. Clean water is injected to drain the residual liquid from the sample chamber (if the sample is a clean medium such as sterile water, this step can be omitted), and then the sterilizing medium is injected for sealing and retention until the next sampling.


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