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What are the types of sanitary Tank Manways?
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What are the types of sanitary Tank Manways?

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The sanitary manhole is a negative pressure manhole, which can meet the special requirements of various media in the field of food and bio-pharmaceutical. It can be used in the industrial fields of dairy products, beer, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, etc. Because sanitary Tank Manways are so useful, there are many different kinds of sanitary Tank Manways to suit the needs of different fields.

The types of sanitary Tank Manways

Setting of sanitary manholes

The types of sanitary Tank Manways

1. Non-pressure circular sanitary manhole

(1) Application

Non-pressure circular sanitary manhole cover is also widely used in food, wine, drinks, pharmaceuticals and other industrial fields. It is used in all kinds of atmospheric pressure tanks and containers to prevent liquid leakage.

(2) Working principle

The non-pressure sanitary manhole cover is connected to the tank body by hinge. With the help of handle, the non-pressure sanitary manhole cover can be opened freely and closed tightly within the range of 120° Angle, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to inspect the tank body.

sanitary Tank Manways

2. Round sanitary Tank Manway with presser

(1) Application

The round sanitary Tank Manway with presser are mainly used in pressure vessels in food, wine, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

(2) Working principle

When need to repair the piggy bank, first of all, unscrew the handwheel (for fixed hole cover as well as provide axial seal force), and then with the help of a fixed on the manhole cover handle to open sanitary Tank Manway covers, sanitary Tank Manway cover is through the hinge connected to the frame, ensure accurate closed when manhole cover is closed, and hinge can make open manhole covers the limit stop on the vertical Angle of 30 ° above), and maintenance personnel can inspection on the storage tank; When the manhole cover is closed and in place, a complete seal between the manhole cover seal and the storage body is ensured, thus avoiding leakage of material inside the manhole.

3. Round outward sanitary manway with sigh glass

The working principle of round outward sanitary manway with sigh glass is when it is necessary to repair the tank, first turn the handwheel (used to fix the hole cover and provide axial sealing force), then open the manhole cover with the handle fixed on the manhole cover, so that the maintenance personnel can check the tank; When the manhole cover is closed and in place, a complete seal between the manhole cover seal and the storage body is ensured, thus avoiding leakage of material inside the manhole.

4. Round Atmospheric sanitary manhole

The feather of the round Atmospheric sanitary manhole is:

(1) Gasket: Silicone/EPDM/NBR/FPM inaccordance with FDA 177.2600.

(2) Material: 304(1 4301), 316L(1.4404). Internal surface: 0.8um-0 4um

(3) Outside surface: Mirror polished, Matte,sand-blasting finished.

5. Oval inward manway with bevel edge

6. Rectangular manway with one intersectant arms

Setting of sanitary manholes

Where the railway or road crosses, sanitary Tank Manways shall be set at both ends of the pipeline; Manholes shall be provided at pipe branches, turns and leads; Sanitary Tank Manways shall be provided at the location of the reinforcement box. Manholes should be set at the turning point of road slope, beside the crossing between the garden in the center of the street, turning point of the street, on the sidewalk, where the house base line is concave and close to the lead pole or the point of communication line. Manholes should not be placed in the doorway of important buildings (e.g. garage, fire brigade, etc.), in the vicinity of traffic arteries, in the vicinity of unstable buildings, close to fire hydrants or Wells, storage places for equipment and other underground pipelines. Generally speaking, a direct manhole is arranged in the middle of a straight line communication pipeline. If there is a communication pipeline with a different direction on a linear communication pipeline, a three-way stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manways shall be set at the bifurcation point; A four-way manhole is arranged at the intersection point of two vertical and horizontal communication pipelines. Oblique manholes are set at the bending points of curved and curved pipelines. There are 5 kinds of oblique manholes, including 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 75°. The Angle of each oblique manhole can be applied within ±7.5°. A pre-office manhole should be set at the exit of a telephone station. Since the outgoing pipe of a new communication building has been replaced by a cable channel, there is no need to set a pre-office manhole, so there is no pre-office manhole in the type of stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manways. When the communication pipe is used to lead out the communication building, the above suitable sanitary Tank Manway type can be used to make the manhole before the bureau.


Through this article, we can clearly understand the kinds of sanitary Tank Manways and the different functions of different kinds of sanitary Tank Manways, so that we can choose the right sanitary manholes and improve work efficiency.

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