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What is sanitary Tank Manways?
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What is sanitary Tank Manways?

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Sanitary Tank Manways are common in daily life, such as sewers and weak current Wells, but sanitary manholes are not common. Health sanitary Tank Manways is a negative pressure manhole, is a special manhole. Then we will go to understand what exactly is health sanitary Tank Manways.

What is sanitary Tank Manways?

Classification of Stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manways

Installation and maintenance of the sanitary Tank Manway

Precautions for sanitary manhole operation

What is sanitary Tank Manways?

Sanitary manhole is installed on top of the tank safety emergency ventilation device, usually with flame damper, using mechanical breather valve, can avoid the accident caused sharp overpressure or vacuum in tank and tank damage and accident, security fire effect, is to protect the safety of tank device, especially suitable for the storage of materials with nitrogen gas cap vault atmospheric tank. The Stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manway is negative pressure manhole. It can meet the special requirements of various media in the field of food and bio-pharmaceutical, and can be used in the industrial fields of dairy products, beer, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, etc.

sanitary Tank Manways

Classification of Stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manways

There are many types of the Stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manway.

1. Oval manhole with bevel edge

2. Rectangular manhole

3. Non pressure round manhole

4. Round manhole with sight glass

5. Pressure type round manhole

6. Round manhole

7. Oval inward manway

8. Oval manhole

9. Rectangular manway with one intersectant arms

These are conventional sanitary manholes, and our company can also process unconventional stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manways according to customers' drawings and samples.

Installation and maintenance of the sanitary Tank Manway

Sanitary manholes are generally located in the lower part of the tank. Sanitary Tank Manways bear great liquid pressure. In order to prevent leakage, the installation quality of sanitary Tank Manways must be strictly required. Sealing waterline is machined on flange and cover plate. It should be protected during construction to avoid oil seepage in use. Mark the manhole every time, so as not to misplace it and affect the tightness. When installing the nuts on the stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manways cover plate, apply force evenly in pairs diagonally to prevent the leakage caused by deformation or uneven force of the cover plate.

Precautions for sanitary manhole operation

Prior to sanitary Tank Manway operations, oral and written communication should be conducted to check for wear and tear on workers' labor protection equipment and to check for special safety protection products and rescue equipment (such as breathing apparatus, exhaust equipment, gas detector, etc.) used in sanitary Tank Manway operations.

1. Place safety warning signs.

2. Apply special tools when opening and closing manhole covers. If there is water, please pump it out in time.

3. After opening the sanitary manhole cover, first test the gas in the manhole with a hazardous gas detector.

4. Before entering the stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manway, use an exhaust fan for ventilation. If necessary, open a hole cover next to each other to allow air to circulate.

5. Prior to construction, prepare first aid equipment, such as air respirators, gas masks, life jackets, etc., and operate skillfully in case of emergency.

6. Enter the vent about 10 to 15 minutes before entering the sanitary Tank Manway. Keep exhaust ventilation at all times. If you feel dizzy or have difficulty breathing while working in a sanitary Tank Manway, leave the manhole immediately and ventilate.

7. When working in a stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manway, downhole personnel should take care of each other. The personnel in the cave or the safety officer should pay attention to the condition of the personnel in the cave and do not leave at will. If necessary, measures should be taken to evacuate people in case of emergency.

8. Smoking in the sanitary Tank Manway is strictly prohibited. When using a flashlight in a sanitary manhole, light it outside the hole to make sure there is enough oxygen in the hole to allow easy breathing.

9. If the person is found to have been poisoned by sanitary manhole gas, the patient should be promptly moved to an air outlet. If necessary, please use artificial respiration or take him to hospital immediately.

10. When a pump is used to fill the stainless Steel sanitary Tank Manway with water, the person in the hole leaves the manhole to prevent electricity leakage and injury.


The above is the specific content of the sanitary manhole, we should pay attention to their personal safety when working in the sanitary Tank Manway, to avoid accidents.

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