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What is sanitary lobe pump?
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What is sanitary lobe pump?

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The use range of sanitary lobe pump is very wide, in the food industry, daily chemical industry, chemical industry, construction industry, etc., there are applications, but very few people understand the sanitary lobe pump, because it is just a small part, today with everyone to know about this small part.

What is sanitary lobe pump?

The application of the sanitary lobe pump

Classification of sanitary lobe pumps

What is sanitary lobe pump?

Sanitary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump form. Is composed of a rotating rotor and static pump body, it does not inhale, discharge valve, through the rotor and pump body between the relative motion to change the volume of work, and by the extrusion of the rotating rotor discharge liquid, at the same time, set aside space on the other side, the formation of low pressure, liquid continuous inhalation.

sanitary lobe pump

The application of the sanitary lobe pump

1. Food industry: fresh butter, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, whey, and beer wort, yeast, yeast, fruit jelly, soft drinks, juice drinks, ketchup, puree, vegetable mud, jam, jelly, pudding, essence, spices, nuts, sugar, yeast, bread, meat porridge, meat, meat, oil, edible oil, candy, syrup, fresh cream sauce, chocolate, etc.

2. Daily chemicals: facial cleanser, hair gel, hair dye, essential oil, toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, cosmetics, soap, balm, etc

3. Pharmaceutical industry: various pills, pastes, emulsifiers, syrup, nutrient solution, Proprietary Chinese medicine, ointment, biological preparations, fish meal, pollen, royal jelly, vaccines.

4. Chemical industry: fats, solvents, resins, polymers, paints, pigments, dyes, coatings, lubricants, greases, E oils, emulsified bitumen, adhesives, plastics, explosives, fiberglass, leather, etc.

5. Construction industry: all kinds of coatings, including interior and exterior wall coatings, anticorrosive and waterproof coatings, ceramic coatings, paint coatings, ceramic glazing, etc.

6. Other industries: plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry, coal flotation agent, nanomaterials, biochemical industry, etc.

Classification of sanitary lobe pumps

According to its structure and principle, sanitary centrifugal pumps can be divided into gear sanitary pumps, screw sanitary pumps, rotary piston sanitary lobe pumps (lobe pumps, roots pumps), flexible impeller sanitary centrifugal pumps, sliding vane sanitary centrifugal pumps, hose sanitary centrifugal pumps, etc.

1. gear sanitary pump

Gear sanitary pump is composed of gear, shaft, pump body, pump cover, bearing sleeve, shaft end seal, etc. Depending on the pump body and meshing gear formed between the working volume change and movement to transport liquid or make it pressurized rotary pump. Gear sanitary pump has external meshing and internal meshing two kinds of structure. External meshing gear pump is divided into two gear pump, three gear pump and five gear pump, outside meshing two gear pump is most commonly used. A pair of meshing gears and pump bodies separate the suction and discharge Chambers. When the gear is rotating, the volume between the teeth of the side teeth of the suction cavity is gradually increased and the pressure decreases, and the liquid enters the teeth under the action of pressure difference. As the gear rotates, the fluid between the teeth is carried to the discharge chamber. At this time the discharge cavity flank gear tooth meshes between the tooth volume to gradually reduce, but will discharge the liquid.

2. screw sanitary pump

Screw sanitary pump by the pump shell and a screw or more. The working principle of twin-screw pump and gear pump are very similar, it is to rely on mutually meshing screw to suck liquid. Screw sanitary pump according to the number of screw is divided into a single screw pump, double screw pump and three screw pump, among which double screw pump has closed and non-closed two types.

3. rotary piston sanitary lobe pump

Lobe pump is a kind of multi-purpose two-way displacement pump, is one of the most advanced fluid conveying equipment in the world, it is to use two synchronous movement of the rotor, the rotor by a foreign type synchronous gear turns, in the opposite direction of drive shaft leads to synchronize the rotor rotation, between the rotor and the mutual contact between the rotor and the pump body, but form a line or plane seal clearance, thus constituted a high vacuum degree and the discharge pressure, especially suitable for food, medicine, corrosion resistance and high viscosity medium transport.

Roots pump and lobe pump structure is similar to the form of the different liquid seal is also formed between the rotor, the large pump is simply arranged, its processing is simpler than the lobe pump, the working pressure is lower than the lobe pump.

4. flexible impeller sanitary centrifugal pump

Flexible impeller sanitary centrifugal pump is a positive displacement rotor pump. The flexible impeller pump is composed of a rubber flexible impeller, pump body, mechanical seal and rotating shaft. When the impeller rotates away from the eccentric section of the pump housing, the flexible impeller blade unbending produces a vacuum, the liquid is sucked into the pump, with the impeller rotation, the liquid then from the suction side to the discharge side, when the impeller blade and the eccentric section of the pump housing contact, the working volume changes, the liquid is smoothly discharged out of the pump.

5. sliding vane sanitary centrifugal pump

The rotor with radial groove is installed in the pump body with eccentric stator, and the sliding plate is located in the radial groove of the rotor. The sliding plate can be two or more pieces. When the rotor is rotating, under the action of centrifugal force, the sliding plate is thrown out from the rotor body and slides along the inner surface of the stator. The sealed cavity formed by these sliding plates and the stator gradually increases with the increase of eccentricity. When the cavity continues to rotate, the cavity decreases to zero, and the liquid in the cavity filled between the rotor and sliding plates starts to draw in from the suction area, and then is pressed to the discharge area to complete the liquid transport process.


Through this article we can clearly understand what the rotor pump is.

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