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What is the significance of the agitator tank?
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What is the significance of the agitator tank?

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The agitator tank is suitable for mechanical stirring of flammable, explosive, toxic and odorous materials under a certain pressure, as well as other devices that dissolve and sterilize, and requires long-term operation with constant pressure during the fermentation process. It is more suitable for biotechnological devices that do not allow trace leakages and contamination in the production process. For more information about the agitator tank, please read the following words.

What is the significance of the agitator tank?

What is the main purpose of the agitator tank?

How can we use and maintain the agitator tank?


What is the significance of the agitator tank?

Agitator tank is widely used in coatings, medicine, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and other industries. The equipment can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials according to the process requirements of the user's products, and set up heating and cooling equipment to meet different process and production requirements. The heating molds include electric jacket heating and coil heating. The device has reasonable structure design, advanced technology, durability and is characterized by easy operation and convenient use. It is an ideal chemical equipment with low investment, fast production and high income.

What is the main purpose of the agitator tank?

The main purpose of mixing tank: mixing, mixing, mixing, homogenizing, etc. Features: convenient, practical, labor saving and time saving, effective shortening of stirring time, labor saving and acceleration of production. It is the main equipment of modern industrial production. At present, the agitator tank is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, medicine, water treatment, food processing and other fields.

How can we use and maintain the agitator tank?

1. Agitator tank is a normal pressure device. If the pipe of the heat exchanger is free, this is also considered normal pressure. If the pressure is too high, please check if the inlet and outlet are clogged.

2. 40#--50# oil or 70#--90# high pressure industrial gear oil should be installed in the gear reducer. After the first operation for 20 days (at 8-hour operation per day), change the oil and clean the oil in the fuel tank. Replace and clean the fuel tank every 3-5 months. (Except without reducer)

3. If the agitator tank is equipped with a condenser, it can be judged whether the heat exchange line should be cleaned according to the effect of the heat exchange.

4. The loading quantity in the mixing tank should strictly correspond to the effective volume of the mixing tank. Overload is strictly prohibited in order not to burn the engine or damage the gearbox and other components.

5. If the device is not used for a long time, it should be completely cleaned and lubricating oil injected everywhere and power cut.

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