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Working principle of sanitary lobe pump
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Working principle of sanitary lobe pump

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Sanitary lobe pump refers to the rotor and pump body through the relative motion to change the volume of work, so that the liquid energy increase of the pump. This is the introduction of the sanitary lobe pump, so the sanitary lobe pump working principle is what?

Working principle of the sanitary lobe pump

Precautions for using sanitary pump

Working principle of the sanitary lobe pump

Sanitary lobe pump depends on two synchronous reverse rolling rotor (teeth number 2-4) in the rotation process at the entrance to produce suction (vacuum), so as to inhale the material to be transported. The rotor chamber is divided into several small Spaces by the two rotors, and operates in the order of A → B → C → D. Work to position A, onlyⅠroom is full of medium, the location B, media blocked department in room B, to position C, media also blocked in a room, to location D, the room a room B and Ⅱroom are interlinked, medium is transported to discharge port. In this way, the medium (material) is continuously transported out.

sanitary lobe pump

Precautions for using sanitary pump

1. Precautions before startup:

(1) Check whether the amount of oil in the gear box is normal, observe the transparent oil standard, the oil stock should be half of the oil standard window, oil should be replaced regularly, under normal circumstances, 4000 hours after the operation to all replace.

(2) Before starting, open all the inlet and outlet valves of the pipeline. When the medium flows into the cavity and there is no abnormality after turning the sanitary pump by hand, start inking first and confirm the direction of the pump and medium flow before starting the formal operation. Empty pump operation is strictly prohibited. When the sanitary pump to the normal speed, observe the pump pressure index.

(3) When the sanitary centrifugal pump installation position suction requirements, should be in the sanitary centrifugal pump inlet pipe and pump cavity filled with materials.

(4) When the process requires heating or cooling of the medium, the heating or cooling device should be turned on before starting the sanitary pump. The heating energy should be turned on 10 minutes in advance, and then the sanitary pump should be started. The mechanical seal pump with cooling water must be opened before starting up, and make sure there is no interruption of flow after starting up, otherwise the mechanical seal will be damaged immediately.

2. Operation of the sanitary lobe pump

(1) The sanitary lobe pump in the process of operation, should pay attention to the motor power and pump operation, abnormal should stop the pump to find the reason.

(2) Mechanical seal should be no leakage, heat phenomenon.

(3) With the packing seal pump, allow 1 to 3 drops per minute, such as the leakage increase slightly pressure ring can be, no need to disassemble.

(4) When using a mechanical CVT, adjust the speed step by step according to the speed displayed in the digital display after starting the machine. It is strictly prohibited to turn the speed regulating plate when stopping the machine, otherwise the stepless reducer will be damaged.

(5) The use of frequency converter speed can be used manual frequency modulation and automatic control of the two methods.

(6) Often check the heating condition of the sanitary lobe pump and motor, when the sanitary pump is in the water-cooled state, the bearing temperature rises to 40℃. When the sanitary pump is in hot water insulation state, the temperature of bearing housing is allowed to be higher than the sanitary lobe pump body temperature of 30℃.

(7) Can not use the inlet pipeline valve to regulate the flow, to avoid cavitation caused by the vibration of the pump.

(8) When the sanitary lobe pump is in operation, it is strictly prohibited to close all the inlet and outlet valves.

3. stop

(1) Stop the sanitary lobe pump to close the inlet and outlet valve, easy to condense materials to pay attention to the discharge cleaning.

(2) Sanitary pump in a long time after the stop, start before should first turn the coupling by hand, feel resistance, but can turn at will and even weight, and pay attention to distinguish whether there is friction and foreign matter in the pump.

(3) When the sanitary pump and reducer are reinstalled, check the coupling between the pump shaft and the motor shaft.


Through this article we can clearly understand the working principle of the sanitary lobe pump and how to use it safely. Only the correct use of the sanitary pump can ensure the working efficiency of the sanitary lobe pump and ensure their own safety.

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