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How to use sanitary tank?
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How to use sanitary tank?

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sanitary tank can be applied to various industries, civil construction water supply, HVAC, fire fighting system, food, beverage, wine making, water treatment industry, medicine, petroleum and chemical industry.The flexible and reasonable plate shape design allows the sanitary tank to be suitable for containers with various combinations of sizes.


How to install sanitary tank?

What is the importance of using the sanitary tank carefully?

How to clean up the sanitary tank effectively?


How to install sanitary tank?

a. Basic requirements for sanitary tank

The geometric dimensions of the concrete foundation shall be formulated in accordance with the relevant regulations of GB02S101. The height difference of the concrete foundation plane is less than 5mm.

b. Installation, construction and acceptance of sanitary tank

Professional welders on-site argon arc welding. There is a standard power supply at the construction site. There is a maintenance space 500mm around the water tank. Appearance inspection is free of rust and pollution: filled with water for 2-3 hours, the box body has no obvious deformation, and the weld is qualified without leakage.

c. Use, repair and maintenance of sanitary tank

When piping, do not apply excessive load to the water inlet and outlet of the piping. Do not directly apply the weight of valves and large-caliber pipes to the water tank nozzles. If necessary, install pipe supports: Expansion and contraction joints must be installed for expansion, contraction, and vibration of welded pipes.


What is the importance of using the sanitary tank carefully?

The stamping sanitary tank is made of stainless steel plates to stamp out the reinforcing ribs and integrally welded with stainless steel welding rods. The structure is simple, the strength is good, and a larger capacity water tank can be manufactured. Because the box body is welded integrally with stainless steel plates, it completely cuts off the sun's rays, so there is no growth of algae. Keep the water quality always clean.


How to clean up the sanitary tank effectively?

1. Close the water inlet valve and open the drain valve to drain the water in the sanitary tank;

2. Enter the sanitary tank by climbing the ladder;

3. Use a clean mop or rag to clean the periphery and bottom of the water tank. If the bottom is serious, it can be scrubbed with a soft towel and detergent;

4. Open the water inlet valve, put in an appropriate amount of clean water to rinse the wall and bottom of the barrel, so that the dirt can be drained from the sewage outlet. If necessary, it can be repeated many times until it is satisfied;

5. Close the drain valve, open the water inlet valve, and refill the sanitary tank with water, and the cleaning work is over.


We can see the shadow of sanitary tank in every aspect of our daily life. It can be said that sanitary tank is essential. At Xusheng Valves machinery, you can get the best quality sanitary tanks and the most intimate after-sales service.



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