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Sanitary Electric Stainless Steel Self Priming CIP Pump
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Sanitary Electric Stainless Steel Self Priming CIP Pump

IP self-priming pump adopts acid-resisting stainless steel (AISI 316) in valve body, which has unique acid and alkali resistance, and comply with sanitary requirements for foods. As a positive displacement pump, its features are superior to centrifugal pump since it suction liquid mixed with air or foams and even merely air. It is widely used to suction material with liquid level below the pump, For instance in the milking room, it suctions milk from the milk barrel. It can also be used in automatic CIP cleaning system as return flow pump in cleaning tank. The mechanical sealing is the build-in influx type, and the temperature of suctioned materiaI is no higher than 100 Degree.
  • XS-CIP009
  • 60000010001
MAX. Flow:
Max Operating Temp:

Sanitary Electric Stainless Steel Self Priming CIP Pump   

Product Description


Connections Thread,Clamp,Weld
Material SS304,SS316L
Operated Manual, Pneumatic
Inlet/Outlet Size


Standard 3A DIN SMS



Max.Suction Height 8m/22ft


The Pump is a asanitary side channel self priming pump, it's suitable for food processing,pharmacy and chemical industry. it is specially designed for pumping materials containing air or gas, and it can also be used for negative suction with prior priming as well as with filtration equipment.

It can be used with wine, oil, syrups,volatile products such as alcohol, acetone and other solvents, or with products at tem peratures close to boiling polint. However, the main use of this pump is for CIP return.

Design and features

This pump is composed of motor, pump shaft, mechanical clamping jacket, sanitary mechanical seal, connection support, rear plate impeller, pump shell, etc. It is return pump specially designed for CIP. It has the stainless steel protection cover used for protecting the motor, and the euqipment is supported by four adjustable feet.

Signle mechanical seal is standard, if you need double mechanical seal, please contact with us. 

Technical parameters

Max inlet pressure: 0.5 Mpa

Temperature range: -10℃ ~ 100℃


Single mechanical seal:

Hydraulic pressure: max. 0.1mpa

usually suits for -10℃ ~ 100℃ 


Contacting parts: AISI 316L or AISI 304

Other parts: AISI 304

Standard seal for pump head is silicone , mechanical seal o ring is FRM.  EPDM or NBR is optional

Surface treament:

Outside is shot blasting in satin finish

External is mirror polish at 0.4um, or shot blasting in satin finish

Product Details

Sanitary stainless steel CIP Self priming pump

Food Grade Stainless steel CIP pump

Working Principle

stainless steel pump

Hot Sale Sanitary CIP Pump

Installation Method and Place:

It is very necessary to check the following before installation:

The drive is in good condition.

Whether the on-site power supply is the same as the rated power on the motor nameplate.

Whether it meets the environmental conditions (avoid flammable and explosive environment or acid corrosion environment).

Installation Location:

The installation foundation of the pump should generally be level and sufficient-strengthened ground. Install it as far as possible on the lowest position of the equipment, that is, at the position with the maximum head height.

Piping Installation:

The diameter of pump, pipe and the inlet and outlet of the pump should be the same, and the diameter of the inlet pipe should not be too small. When the diameter of the pipe is smaller than the diameter of the pump, adjust it with an eccentric reducer to shorten the diameter of the pipe so as to avoid formation of a gas leak. The outlet pipe diameter must not be too large either. When the outlet pipe diameter is larger than the pump outlet, try to extend it. Distance from the pump outlet to avoid overloading the pump motor.

Product Show

sanitary Food grade Stainless Steel CIP Pump

Hygienic CIP pump

Product model description

Food Grade CIP pump





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