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What are the characteristics of the extraction tank?
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What are the characteristics of the extraction tank?

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The extraction tank is a widely used leaching and extraction plant in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, which is particularly suitable for leaching and extracting the components contained in plant products.

extraction tank

What are the product characteristics of the extraction tank?

What is the function of the extraction tank?

What are the characteristics of the extraction tank?

What are the product characteristics of the extraction tank?

1. The extraction tank has the advantages of small space requirement, exquisite production, complete supporting facilities and convenient operation, etc. It is particularly suitable for production methods for small batches and multiple varieties.

2. The extraction tank is equipped with: vacuum pump, liquid medicine pump, filter, liquid intake tank, control cabinet and other accessories. The equipment is divided into steam heating and electric heating. After purchase, the device only needs to be connected to water, electricity or steam. be usable.

3. The extraction tank has full functions and is suitable for water and alcohol extraction. It can perform atmospheric and vacuum extraction and recover volatile oil. It is equipped with a vacuum converter and control box, which is easy to operate and can realize extraction at room temperature and low temperature concentration; extraction at room temperature concentration at normal temperature; Low temperature extraction and low temperature concentration and other process requirements.

4. The design of electric heating structure is advanced, efficient, safe, fast heating and cooling, uniform heating, and the tank is equipped with safety decompression device to ensure safe use.

5. It can realize the backflow extraction process, shorten the extraction and concentration time, and save the solvent.

6. The unique design of the oil-water separator integrates the vacuum conversion function to improve the oil-water separation effect. It is made of glass material for easy observation.

What is the function of the extraction tank?

The extraction tank is a multi-purpose device designed for traditional Chinese medicine factories, cooking and extraction processes. It can extract alcohol in this process, recover it and separate essential oil. In addition to the main equipment of the extraction tank, this equipment is also equipped with a foam catcher, cooler, oil-water separator, etc. equipped. These devices are made of stainless steel where they come into contact with drugs, and the heating interlayer is strictly tested by the pressure vessel inspection. In the extraction process, the equipment consists of condenser, oil-water separator, etc. and is completed in a fully closed and recyclable system, while at the same time recovering the organic solvent from the waste residue.

What are the characteristics of the extraction tank?

The dynamic extraction tank is mainly used for decoction extraction and thermal backflow extraction of Chinese medical materials with water or organic solvent as medium under stirring. In the extraction process, the volatile oil components can be recovered at the same time. The extraction tank has high extraction efficiency for the active ingredients of large quantities of medical materials; saves energy and extracts the active ingredients better. The extract contains a higher concentration of medicine. Working principle: The entire extraction process of the equipment is carried out in a closed and recyclable system. It can be extracted at normal pressure or at low pressure. Whether water extraction, alcohol extraction, oil extraction or other purposes, its specific process requirements have traditional Chinese medicine. The factory cuts it out according to the requirements of drug performance.

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