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What is the function of the sanitary centrifugal pump?
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What is the function of the sanitary centrifugal pump?

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The pump body and liquid contact parts of the sanitary centrifugal pump are all made of SUS316L or SUS304 stainless steel, which is formed by punching with a special process.

sanitary centrifugal pump

What is the basic structure of the sanitary centrifugal pump?

How to choose the right sanitary centrifugal pump?

What is the function of the sanitary centrifugal pump?

What is the basic structure of the sanitary centrifugal pump?

1. The impeller is the core of the sanitary centrifugal pump. It has a high speed and a great starting force.

2. The pump body is also called the pump housing, which is the main body of the pump. It plays the role of supporting and fixing and is connected to the bracket on which the bearing is installed.

3. The function of the pump shaft is to connect the motor to the clutch and transfer the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is the main component for the transmission of mechanical energy.

4. The sealing ring is also called leakage reduction ring.

5. The plug bushing is mainly made of filling material, so that the water flow in the pump does not flow outwards and the outside air does not enter the pump. Always keep a vacuum in the pump! If the friction between the pump shaft and the pack generates heat, the water sealing tube is used to inject water into the water sealing ring to cool the pack!

6. Axial force compensation device. Since during the operation of the centrifugal pump, the liquid enters the impeller under low pressure and flows out under high pressure, the pressures on both sides of the impeller are uneven, resulting in an axial thrust directed towards the inlet. This results in axial movement of the rotor, which leads to wear and vibration, so an axial pressure bearing should be installed to compensate for the axial force.

How to choose the right sanitary centrifugal pump?

1. Collect original data: Collect the original base of the pumped medium, the flow rate and the required head parameters in the production process, as well as the relevant parameters of the equipment before and after the pump, according to the selection requirements of the sanitary centrifugal pump.

2. Selection and calculation of pump parameters: leave a reasonable margin according to the original data and actual needs, and determine the operating parameters appropriately as the calculation basis for choosing the sanitary centrifugal pump.

What is the function of the sanitary centrifugal pump?

We have researched various products and their processing techniques in the food, milk, beverage, medical and other related industries and developed a hygienic centrifugal pump that meets the specific requirements of each processing stage.

The hygienic centrifugal pump is suitable for difficult operations, such as: suction under vacuum conditions; high temperature materials; immediate interruption of flow. The sanitary centrifugal pump has many advantages, such as a large power range, uniform flow, easy construction, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Therefore, the centrifugal pump is the most widely used in food and drug processing and production.

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